Immigrant gang storms Swedish school and beats people

Hallsberg is small Swedish town in the countryside. Less than 8,000 residents. A beautiful lake, rolling hills, country roads, a bustling train station. And some “refugees.”

Friday, March 3rd, 20-30 people, wearing masks, charged into the local High School and attacked people.

Riot police responded and arrested eleven perps. They are between the ages of 16 and 28. Swedish public television took photos of people being arrested. The faces are blurred, but the perps have very dark skin tones. Police say none of them are pupils at the school.

Local police issued a cryptic statement that offered no details. This is typical in Sweden, where police are pressured to conceal information about immigrant crime.

Today, young immigrants rioted in Hallsberg. They hurled rocks at police. There are claims on social media that multiple officers were injured and a police car was stolen.

The largest group of immigrants in Hallsberg are Arabs. There is also a smaller number of Afghans and Somalis.  There is a large cluster of Somalis on the south side of Orebro less than twenty miles away.  This is purely speculation, but it is possible that Somalis from Orebro traveled to the Hallsberg High School to carry out a revenge attack against Arabs.  Sweden has ongoing violence between Afghans and Arabs, Somalis and Arabs, Turks and Kurds, and Shiites and Sunni.

Last Friday at the Hallsberg High School:

Monday Evening: