Black on white spree shooting near Charleston ignored by media

Victims of the Ruffin, SC massacre. A nine-year-old girl was also wounded. Click here for their GoFundMe Page.

Update: A 19-year-old black female has been arrested and charged for allegedly being the getaway driver.

Update: We documented what some of the suspect’s friends are saying on Facebook.

Last Tuesday there was a mass shooting in the tiny South Carolina town of Ruffin. This is near Walterboro, SC and not far from Charleston, SC. The area is roughly half white and half black.

The victims are two white adults and two white children. All from the same family. Phillip Miller, 46, Lori Miller, 52, and their son, Vincent Miller, 13, were all killed. A nine-year-old granddaughter was shot in the leg and is in the hospital. There was also a five-year-old granddaughter in the house at the time.

It has been three days and we can’t find a single media outlet that has published any pictures of the victims or mentioned that they white.

Suspect Kenneth “Rambo Chiz” Chisolm.

There appears to be a deliberate effort by the Charleston market not to disclose that the victims are white. The media has had three days to collect information on the victims but has only reported their names and address. In a short amount of time, we found more information on Facebook than all the information reported by the entire Charleston media market combined. The family created a GoFundMe page yesterday evening, but no media outlets have linked to it yet.

The suspect is Kenneth Markeith Chisolm, 19, AKA “Rambo Chiz.” Here is his facebook page. Very little has been said about him in the media so far. He was arrested last November and charged with two counts each of armed robbery and kidnapping. He was released on a $60k bond. He was denied bond today for three counts of murder.

None of the victims appear to have posted very much on Facebook. However, Phil Miller posted memes supporting Trump and defending white people.