Antifa college professor arrested for bike-lock attacks

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Police have finally arrested Eric Clanton for allegedly hitting multiple conservative activists with a large bicycle “u-lock.” Clanton is part of “Antifa” and a professor of ethics at Diablo Valley College [DVC].

Clanton was arrested yesterday and faces up to three counts of assault with a deadly weapon. He also faces an enhancement charge for causing serious bodily injury. The alleged assaults took place on April 15th in Berkeley, CA.

Clanton is being held at the Berkeley jail. Bail has been set at $200k.

Clanton wore a black hoodie and mask during the alleged assaults. However, he was identified by the /pol/ sub-group of the popular internet forum

Clanton may have been fired from his teaching job as well. The college previously told callers that Clanton indeed works there and that they are researching the claim. Two different spokesmen for the college told media yesterday that Clanton is not teaching any classes during the current semester. They say the college is cooperating with Berkely police.

The Berkely jail listed his occupation as “college professor.” Local media is calling him a “former” professor at DVC.

Clanton has an arraignment scheduled Friday morning.

Note: USE OF FIREARM DURING FELONY ENH is a clerical error. It is supposed to say SERIOUS BODILY INJURY ENH