House with Confederate flag stormed in AL, two males beaten and killed

Memorial erected for Travis Frost.

On July 23rd, at about 4:00 AM, two black males stormed a home near Piedmont, AL. Two white males, a grandfather, and his grandson were beaten and shot to death. A female hid and was not found by the attackers. A Nissan Altima was stolen and found burned a short distance away.

The victims are Joshua Dylan Moody, 23, and Travis Frost, 73. The female victim is Frost’s wife and grandmother of Moody.

Police have identified three suspects. Two black males and a black female. Their names are Jeffrey Jamall Briskey, Rhimington Otarivs Johnson, and Sicondria Michala Carter.

Briskey and Carter were just captured at an Econo Lodge in Petersburg, VA. Rhimington Otarivs Johnson is still at large.

The day after the murders, Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade said: “we don’t think this is just a random act.” However, no more information has been provided.

Joshua Dylan Moody

The victims had a Confederate flag on their porch. It can be seen in a video taken by WBRC Channel 6. Piedmont is 85% white and only 10% black. The suspects are all from Anniston, AL, which is 52% black. The actual location of the home is in the Rabbittown community, which is about 95% white.

No local media outlets have shown pictures of the victims or stated their race. Friends of Frost erected a memorial near his favorite fishing spot. This was also not covered by local media. We believe that if the victims had been black, and the suspects had been white males with a Confederate flag, the same media would treat the double murder much differently.

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  1. There was a black soldiers at that time using confederate flag. Nothing wrong with flag it has nothing to do with being a racist. But a reminder of that year of the black slaves during that time yes but still has nothing to do with flag or a racist. Only klu klux klan with white uniform is the answer for racist not the flag. If the flag is a racist then there shouldn’t be a black soldier participate at that time then but all answer are all wrong and determine their assumption all for that matter getting their severed consequence.

  2. our forefathers had no chopice nd its heritage not hate this hard white kracka is tired of this….im proud to be hispanic said the mexican,,im proud to be african american said the black man ,,,,,then say honkey im proud to be white said theRACIST..FUK DOUBLE STANDARDS .DAWGZTOTHAGILLZ

    • At least proof read your message before posting it so people might take you seriously.

      • Joe Wri g ht | August 7, 2017 at 5:42 pm |

        Must be a perfect person, or a democrat. The same people, that made slaves do your cotton picking. Your still controlling blacks and Mexicans, with welfare and food stamps.

        • Get off welfare and food stamps and then you can’t be controlled by them. I’m tired of paying for other people to live who have no desire to better themselves or work. wink

        • How is that controlling them. Its time that everyone, not just blacks to get up off their lazy asses unless they are proven not able too, to go to work, they will still get help they just need to hold a job also. I had to work with bad knees, and kids at home that had to be put in daycare. I received help for what I didn’t bring home.

        • Amber carter | August 8, 2017 at 8:30 am |

          I’m pretty sure there are black people in the offices that control welfare and food stamps and I for one am a white person on food stamps so I’m pretty sure that’s a neutral issue when it comes to race……

  3. Blacks envy and hate whites because whites tend to be more intelligent, better looking, and able to create desirable civilizations. No amount of appeasement will ever cure that hatred. Separation is needed for there to be peace. Blacks demographically and politically dominate about 50 countries. Whites should have the right to possess and control their own countries also, with no suicidal obligations to “diversify” themselves out of existence.

  4. Another reason to arm yourself. They should have been shot dead upon entering the home.

  5. If this had, in fact, been three whites with a Confederate flag attacking a black family, it would be being screamed at the top of the lungs of every facet of the media, including supposedly “conservative” FOX News.

  6. Hate crime.


  8. Suzanne Corey | August 7, 2017 at 5:39 pm |

    Technically the white people should be able to fly flag. It does sound like a hate crime. I personally would not fly a Confederate flag because it does antagonize some people. This should be prosecuted as a hate crime.

  9. Violence, just like Trump supporters were almost killed during so many of the Trump rallies last year. Wake up wake up. America.

  10. Let mongrals like these come to my house they will be carried off in black bags plain and simple

    • You ain’t got anything in your house dude. We all been there. If a burglar goes in your place they’re probably Leaving you so broke,you can’t even afford to pay attention.

      • Takesnoshit | August 7, 2017 at 11:31 pm |

        So someone states their opinion. And you degrade them. We’re not talking about degenerates. We’re talking about the Confederate flag and human beings. You moron.

  11. This is such bullshit, the flag has nothing to do with race, we can’t change history, leave it along. What we have here is some people that believe the world owes them, get it people life is not fair, you have to make it what you want, by working hard, being respectful, etc. Not killing innocence people.

  12. H. Johnson | August 7, 2017 at 7:22 pm |

    Be armed. Be prepared. The enemy is here. These people did not have to die.

  13. I’m from the south and have black friends that fly the stars and bars all day every day. So to those three ducks who did this be glad it was not my house or family cause this white boy would have tracked you down and did u in myself. Long live the south. Its heritage not hate.

  14. BayouBabie | August 7, 2017 at 8:26 pm |

    Sounds like we need to have a ole’fashoned hanging, and let them stay there a few days…white or black I don’t care..wrong is wrong and it has NO COLOR

  15. I’m sorry those white victims didn’t have guns ready to blow those evil worthless thugs straight to hell where they belong.

  16. The British sold more whites than blacks as slaves…. Washington himself put a bounty out at one time when ten of his slaves escaped. 8 were white and 2 sere black…..
    If you’ve done no research into this topic aside from what you here in the gossip corner, you do nothing but make yourself sound ignorant to anyone that truly knows this history.
    This article is correct in the idea that media presents information which deceives it’s readers. “They” want US, The People, ignorant….. Keep being a slave if that’s the choice you want to make for yourself.

    • I agree 100%. More people need to do research before opening their mouths and saying hateful & demeaning things. Just like the Robert E Lee statue-He was in FACT trying to help Stop slavery. The people that did the protesting are being PAID by an EVIL man George Soros. Just ask any of the ones with masks on their faces to tell you EXACTLY what they are protesting and they have no clue. Yes, we had slaves that were black, but my ancestors were from Ireland and they were forced into slavery. Look at the Native American Indians and what happened to them. Forced to live on reservations and if they tried to leave they were shot and killed. Just think, they were here before “Columbus” supposedly discovered America. The rest is “HISTORY” So, we now have to accept where our ancestors came from people. I don’t care if you are black, white, asian, mexican or what. I believe in what our current President is trying to do and that is to help Americans to depend on their own selves and NOT count on the government for handout “Unless” absolutely needed. I have friends from many other cultures. Black people are no dirtier than some white people I know as some of you stated. I have to reiterate that there is a man George Soros that is an EVIL, EVIL man and wants to tear America apart so we will be a part of NWO (New World Order) meaning every country in the world to be ruled by one government. So, if all this stupid rioting, protesting and fighting over silly flags continue, that will tear our country to the brink of death.

  17. Robert Sherman Nix III | August 7, 2017 at 10:12 pm |

    It is not even an issue if a flag is racist, because the same issue can occur with USA regular flag, a racist can use either or neither. Why are white only the ones that are racist? I guess you are supposed to give up advantages your forefathers gained to give to those that were lazy or mis-fortunate. Well if that is the way it, all you Jews and other 10, so you can be equal duhhhh. Ok then all you Jews and traitors kinds of foreigners, get up your homes and assets to blacks and take them with you when you exit the country.
    What’s wrong with racist , the Jews over there don’t even want their cousin Arabs to live in the same country but they want to send them here.

  18. Robert Sherman Nix III | August 7, 2017 at 10:26 pm |

    It is just capitalist with rich Jews which is to say the rich capitalist altogether behind the government, the country was built on slavery and Indians land, to pay whites to come from England and Europe, then same type of big money caused the American Revolution, French Revolution, Civil War, Russian Revolution , WW1 and WW2 where Hitler tried to save the Aryan race, enslave the slave races of his area, but look how the capitalist come down on leaders of a race, like in North Korea….They do not want any country to rule itself but put this false government of banking and mammon over the people. They said a lot of lies about Hitler, who wanted to send the Jews to penal colonies in Africa to use to influence American Jews. Now kook at the world, it was true that the Nazi made a stand to save the Aryan race but the scheme of things now is to make white people extinct or outnumbered 1000 to 1 with upside down social policies and Jew crazy capitalust bull crap.

  19. These three black punks should be given the death penalty. It should not take trial after trial just go and let the people find them guilty. These types don’t need to be kept up and fed for years. The time to end this should be yesterday. When they came through the door that should have been the end for this black garbage. Pure black trash.

  20. I’ll bet these savages wont even be charged with a hate crime…

  21. jeff edwards | August 8, 2017 at 12:46 am |

    they better the fuck treat this as a hate crime

  22. John C Herman | August 8, 2017 at 1:26 am |

    The only solution: Liberia, one way, cargo class, never to return. ALL OF THEM.

  23. William Robinson | August 8, 2017 at 2:17 am |

    The symbol is a White symbol and these men were martyred because of that. Anti-racist is just a code word for antiWhite.

    Racist is just a hate word antiWhites use to attack White people.

  24. MarxFreeTV | August 8, 2017 at 2:24 am |

    Blacks commit murder and armed robbery at 9x and 10x the white rate respectively. Want to know why? See here: Race In America: Black and White.

  25. They should be chared with capital murder and this should be on every news channel. If the victims would have been black it would be on every news channel so give the whites the same repect. They probably robbed them to. Just thugs that dont want to work they steal and kill to get what they want.

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