Interracial felony homicides involving blacks and whites in August 2017

When it comes to interracial homicides, the media and the entertainment industry like to hype white on black homicides. However, Federal data suggests that black on white homicides are far more common. We are trying to create a large comprehensive database of these homicides to create the most honest and accurate picture.

This is not a complete list of every single interracial felony homicide that occurred. It is only the ones we have found so far. If you know of any more, please send us an e-mail. To see other months, click here.

Black on white (8)

On August 17th, Chelsie Lynn Kirschten, 23, was shot and killed in Jackson, MS. She was stopped at a red light when a black male shot her in the back. The suspect just walked away afterward without even stealing anything.


On August 12th, David Peden, 57, was killed in Jackson, MS. He was murdered while staying at the Hilltop Inn & Suites. Security footage captured two black males and a black female.



On August 8th, Keith Odom, 49, was shot and killed in Baton Rouge, LA. He was a truck driver from TN. An 18-year-old black male has been arrested. 



On August 4th, Kevin Carter, 51, and Timothy Hurley, 59, were killed in Longboat Key, FL. They were killed at the Zota Beach Resort, in what police are calling a “robbery gone bad.” A black male has been arrested.


On August 4th, Jessica Lyne Gomez went missing in Clare, IA. Her body was found ten days later. A black male and his white girlfriend have been arrested.



On August 2nd, Raymond Stewart, 50, was killed inside a home in Dallas, TX. A black male has been charged.



On August 1st, Chelsea Pace, 21, was shot and killed in Brooksville, MS. Police have charged her black boyfriend. Her mixed race five-year-old child was also shot five times but survived.