Killings in April

Interracial felony homicides involving whites and blacks. This is not a complete list of every single one. It is only the ones we have found so far. You know of any more please e-mail.

White on Black killings (3)

On April 30th, Monique Clark, 30, was shot and killed at an apartment complex in San Diego, CA. The shooter was a white male who opened fire on neighbors and then committed suicide. Police say he was trying to make his ex-fiance feel bad. Six other people were injured including black, white, and Latino victims.


On April 24th, Terry Williams, 56, was shot and killed in Tijeras, NM. Two white males have been charged. They invaded his home and then killed him and burned his body at another location. The perps believed that Williams was selling cocaine.


On April 22nd, Javon Donahue was found dead in Knob Noster, MO. It is unclear exactly when he was killed. His white wife was charged with murdering him.



Black on White killings (45)

On April 30th, Jason Alexander Ritenour, 26, was killed in Minneapolis, MN. Two cars driven by black males sped through a red light and slammed into two different victims. The perps were racing. The man who crashed into Ritenour had a suspended license, outstanding warrants, a major criminal history. He fled the scene.Ritenour’s wife was also injured.


On April 27th, Matthew Makarits, 22, was shot and killed at a park in Greenacres, FL. Another black male victim was also shot and killed. Police have charged a black male with shooting both victims. Police say the gunman wanted to steal their marijuana. Police also say the black victim was the gunman’s best friend.


On April 26th, Kelly Glasgow, 29, was shot and killed in Galena, KS. Police have arrested her black boyfriend.



On April 25th, Caleb Lee, 9, was critically injured in St.Louis, MO. He died of his injuries after about ten days in the ICU. Two black males aged 15 and 16 committed an armed carjacking earlier in the day. They were fleeing from police in a stolen car and slammed into Caleb and his family. Caleb’s five-year-old younger brother was also severely injured. Two other adult women were injured.


On April 24th, Haley Rathgeber, 20, was found dead in a field near her apartment in Warrick County, IN. Police have charged a black male who is Rathgeber’s ex-boyfriend.



On April 23rd, Austin Cupp, 23, was shot and killed in Kansas City, MO. A black male has been charged.



On April 23rd, Nathaniel Ewing, 20, was shot and killed in Norman, OK. Police say two black males are responsible. It was totally random. Ewing was a student at the University of Oklahoma.



On April 22nd, Tabitha Newbill, 24, was murdered in her home in Kansas City, KS. The perp is her black boyfriend. He committed suicide afterward. Newbill leaves behind two Mulato children.



On April 20th, Roshanda Hayden, 22, was shot and killed in Oak Grove, KY. The shooting took place inside a motel room. A black male has been charged. The victim and the perp knew each other.



On April 20th, Alex Boschert, 27, and William Froelich, 52, were shot and killed in St. Louis, MO. They were utility employees and connecting a gas line to a home. The killer was a black male who committed suicide afterward. The murders may have been racially motivated.


On April 19th, Christopher Stanley, 29, was shot and killed in Varnville, SC. Police have charged a black male. It was a home invasion.



On April 19th, Barry Roger Cooper, 54, was murdered in Grand Rapids, MI. A black male has been charged. It is unknown if the victim knew his attacker.



On April 18th, Allison Tenbarge, 20, was killed in Clarksville, TN. She was eight months pregnant at the time. Her black boyfriend has been charged with killing her.



On April 18th, Avery Wheeler, 22, was shot and killed Edgewater, FL. He was the first murder victim in Edgewater in sixteen years. Police have charged a black male. A Latino male has also been charged as an accomplice. Police believe that Wheeler and the suspect were friends and Wheeler invited him to his house.


On April 18th,  Alena Kennedy went missing in Lexington, SC. Two months later her body was found inside the home of a black male. He has been charged with murder. A white female, who is presumably the girlfriend of the suspect, has been charged with being an accessory.



On April 18th, Zackary Randalls, 34, Mark Gassett, 37, and David Jackson, 58, were all shot in Fresno, CA. A black male who espoused Nation of Islam theology was arrested. The same perp had killed a black security guard a few days earlier. He told police that he wanted to be known as someone who killed a lot of white people, not as someone who killed a security guard.

On April 16th, Trent Stutheit, 29, was shot and killed in Omaha, NE. He was killed at random in a parking garage. Police have issued an arrest warrant for a black male.



On April 15th, Devin Lowe, 44, was murdered while driving a limo in Detroit, MI. Police release photos of two black male suspects.



On April 15th, Larry Van Dolah Jr., 38, was shot and killed in Portland, OR. Police say they are looking for three black suspects.



On April 15th, Andrew Swiatek Jr., 29, was shot and killed on the side of the road in Colorado Springs, CO. Police have charged a black male. The murder appears to be part of a crime spree.



On April 15th, Aaron Jennings, 21, was shot and killed in a parking lot of a nightclub in Evansville, IN. Police say a black male was thrown out of the club. He waited in the parking lot and opened fire on a random group of people. Another victim was shot and injured.


On April 14th, Dale Eric Floren, 56, was shot and stabbed in Orlando, FL. He was at a construction site near a shopping mall. Police are looking for a black male who was captured on camera.


On April 14th, Trina Kuznik, 46, and Mike Kuznik, 50, were shot and killed in Cleveland, OH. They were working at a car dealership. Someone stormed into the office and shot both in the head. A pet dog was also killed. Police have arrested a black male.


On April 14th, Steven Thompson, 49, was shot and killed in Kansas City, MO. He was shot on his front porch. Another man was shot and injured. A black male has been charged.


On April 12th, Joseph Angelo, 36, was shot and killed inside his home in Guthrie, OK. Police say he was shot 36 times with two different guns. They have arrested two black males. Police do not know if there is a relationship between Angelo and the perps.



On April 11th, Megan Leigh Getrum, 36, was raped and murdered in Plano, TX. A black male has been charged. He is the same person charged with killing another white female in Fort Worth, TX. Police believe he is a serial killer and is likely to have killed others.



On April 11th, Zackery Ganoe, 20, was stabbed to death at a motel near Kissimmee, FL. Police have charged a black female. She also seriously wounded a second victim.



On April 10th, Gladys Rachel Bradshaw, 63, was murdered inside her own home in Clinton, NC. Police have arrested a black male. He apparently killed Bradshaw in a home invasion. He was caught using the victim’s credit cards.



On April 9th, Philip Molis, 23, was shot and critically wounded while working as a security guard in Galveston, TX. He died in the hospital seven days later. Security cameras captured three black male suspects. Police believe they have on in custody. Police think the perps are members of a gang called Gorilla Mob 187.



On April 8th, Janine Ackerman, 35, was shot and killed at her workplace in Coral Gables, FL. She worked at Equinox Fitness. A black male, who was a former personal trainer at the gym, opened fire on his former co-workers. Another white male was also injured.



On April 7th, Justin Micheal Aiken, 21, was shot and killed in Hickory, NC. It was part of a spree shooting that killed three and injured one other. The other victims are an Asian male and a mixed race female. A black male has been charged with the murders. Another white male has been charged with being an accomplice.


On April 7th, Two sisters and their father were shot and killed in St. Paul. MN. The victims are Wade McIntosh, 50, and his two daughters, Olivia, 17, and Maria, 19. They were shot by two black males who are brothers. One of the shooters was dating Maria. One of the perps committed suicide and the other was captured. Anita Mcintosh, the mother of the two sisters, was also shot and seriously wounded.


On April 7th, James Short, 74, was stabbed to death in his home in Austin, TX. Police have charged a black male with the murder. Apparently Short hired the perpetrator to help him go shopping.




On April 6th, Cecille Short, 82 was fatally mauled by dogs in Oklahoma City, OK. Police say a black male allowed the vicious dogs to roam free. He has been charged with felony homicide.



On April 4th, Dennis Ronald Gayton was shot and killed in Gainsville, GA. He was walking down Martin Luther King Jr Blvd at the time. Police say the perpetrator is a black male.



On April 4th, Timothy Rice, 57, was shot and killed in Kansas City, MO. Police believe he was killed by a black serial killer. He is one of five victims killed over a period of one year. The perp had previously threatened to murder white people.


On April 4th, Michael Luckey, 29, was murdered and his body was dumped in a river in Osawatomie, KS. A group of black males and females have been arrested. They lured the victim off of craigslist with a prostitution ad.



On April 3rd, Craig Alan Henise, 50, was shot and killed in York, PA. A 16-year-old black male has been charged.



On April 2nd, Michael Harvey Cox, 31, was shot and killed in Florence, SC. Police released a surveillance image of a black male.  Cox was shot outside a hotel but was not registered as a guest. Police do not know if the victim and perp were connected.

Special thanks to New Nation News for research.