73 year old woman savagely beaten on a BART train in San Francisco

A 73-year-old woman was savagely beaten and hospitalized while riding a BART train in San Francisco on March 23rd.

The woman was left unconscious and covered in blood. The perp is said to have kicked her repeatedly in the back of the head. The victim was attacked at random while she was reading a magazine. She needed six stitches in her head.

The victim works as a stock broker. Local media did not give her name.

Wilbert Winchester, 23, has been arrested. He has been charged with assault causing great bodily injury. The media did not identify the race of the victim or the suspect. However, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department identifies the suspect as black in public records.

A woman also had her hair set on fire while riding a public bus (MUNI) in San Francisco on March 20th.Police arrested a suspect, but local media did not even print the suspect’s name.

The Bay Area has two different public bus/rail systems, BART and MUNI.