Far-left activists hold armed march in Phoenix

About thirty to forty members of the Brown Berets, the John Brown Gun Club, and Antifa held an armed march and rally in Phoenix yesterday. It took place across the street from the capital building. They carried a wide assortment of long rifles. Some were wearing military gear and a small number had body armor on.

  • The John Brown Gun Club, which is named after a 19th-century terrorist, describes itself as “putting the red in redneck.”
  • Antifa is a loose network of Marxists that advocate violence to suppress conservative speech. Their members have participated is riots and assaults all over the country. The group’s logo is taken from the paramilitary wing of the 1930’s German Communist Party.
  • Brown Berets is an openly Marxist “Chicano Empowerment” group.

Stephen Lemons, a liberal reporter for the Pheonix New Times, attempted to interview the group. They refused, so he just filmed them with his cellphone. The group asked him to stop filming and became hostile when he refused.

The next pictures are older. The are not from yesterday’s march.

Members of the John Brown Gun Club at the state capital on January 20th.


John Brown Gun Club at the Arizona State Fair last December