Another racially motivated attack was posted on World Star Hip Hop

World Star Hip Hop is a video sharing website that panders to black “thug culture.” There is a history of users posting videos of criminal assaults against white people by black perpetrators. Many media outlets use euphemisms for these assaults like “knock-out game” and “happy slapping.”

Today a video was posted on World Star Hip Hop showing a black male assaulting two different white male victims at a gas station. Another black male and a black female are videotaping the assault and egging the perpetrator on. After the second victim is knocked down, the perp stomps on his head repeatedly. This prompts a gas station employee to yell at the perps to leave.

Before leaving, the perps yell “black power” at their white victims.

Like most of these videos, the location is unknown. We did not link to the original copy of the video on World Star Hip Hop because their videos sometimes show cross promotions that are sexually explicit pornography.