Rival immigrant groups battle in Peine, Germany

Peine is a city of 49k people in Lower Saxony. Saturday night, the streets became a war zone between rival groups of immigrants. Police say about fifty people hurled rocks at each other. A video on social media shows perps screaming “Allahu Akbar” while throwing rocks. One person was hit in the head and hospitalized. Several parked cars were damaged.

When Peine police arrived, the immigrants began throwing stones at them. Backup from other departments was requested. Eventually the perps dispersed as more police arrived.

Police say Turkish, Kurdish, and Lebanese immigrants were all involved. There has been violence between Kurds and Turks all across European. Some of the worst violence has been in Sweden where Turkish and Kurdish groups have blown up each other’s offices with military hand grenades. The Turkish government is currently at war with several armed Kurdish groups in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq.