Arrest made in stabbing murder of social justice activist Corrina Mehiel

Update: Toure was previously convicted of two counts of robbery in Bradley County, TN. He was sentenced to eight years, but only served one. Police believe that Mehiel was tortured for her ATM pin number. Toure then went to seven ATM machines and withdrew a total of $4k.

El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure, 28, has been charged with first-degree murder for tying up Corrina Mehiel and stabbing her to death.

Toure was arrested on Monday, in a different jurisdiction, and held on an outstanding Tennessee warrant. Tips from the public helped to track him down. This morning he was transferred to the custody of the Washington DC police and charged with murder. Mehiel’s stolen car had already been recovered by DC police.

Police believe that Toure was living in homeless shelters. They do not think that Toure and Mehiel knew each other.

News of the arrest was made at a press conference featuring Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. When asked about Toure’s immigration status, they refused to answer.

Newsham stated “I think you know that the Metropolitan Police Department does not ask questions about immigration status. It’s a long-standing policy of the Metropolitan Police Department not to enforce civil immigration law. We believe that the enforcement of civil immigration laws creates a divide between us and the community we serve and at the end of the day we believe that will make out community less safe. As the Chief of Police, I don’t think I should be involved in any behavior that makes our city less safe.”

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser then defended the Chief’s position.

The name El Hadji Toure is most common in Senegal.

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Corrina Mehiel is an art instructor and a prominent social justice activist. She was in DC to help set up an art exhibit. She was found tied up and stabbed to death in a basement apartment she was borrowing from a friend.



Corrina Mehiel with Nancy Pelosi and Mel Chin. Mehiel was in DC to help Chin set up an art exhibit.