3rd competency hearing ordered for UC Berkeley activist accused of brutal murder

In 2014, Gomez shared a stage with California Governor Jerry Brown and Janet Napolitano at a conference on climate change.

Pablo Gomez, Jr was a transsexual Latino Studies major at UC Berkeley. He was a high-profile member of the social justice activist community on campus. Gomez was also part of a group of students who assaulted Donald Trump supporters on campus in September of 2015.

Gomez had a history of expressing hatred against white people on the social media websites twitter and tumblr. He railed against “toxic whiteness” and claimed white people were preventing racial minorities from being successful.

On January 6th, Gomez stabbed two different white females. Kiana Schmitt, 24, was seriously injured. Emile Inman, 27, was killed. Inman was a well-liked teacher at Sienna Ranch, a summer camp style educational facility for children. It is located about 15 miles east of Berkeley.

Emile Inman and Kiana Schmitt

Both of the victims were involved in social justice activism. Inman even had a sign in her front yard supporting the Standing Rock protests when she was killed. As recently as last September, Kiana Schmitt had led a protest against sexual violence at UC Berkeley.

The Berkeley police department described the attacks as “very brutal and unusual.” Gomez apparently killed them because of their “toxic whiteness.” He was charged with murder, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and first-degree robbery. Police have never commented publicly on any connections between the victims and the suspect.

Gomez told authorities he wanted to be addressed as “they” instead of “he.” Just days after the killing a small paper called Berkeleyside published an op-ed piece defending their use of the pronoun “they” when referring to the suspect.

The Sacramento Bee published an article this week saying the UC Berkeley activist community is running from the issue. Multiple gay and gender rights groups, some of which have direct ties to Gomez, are refusing to comment.

It is unclear when, or if, Gomez will go to trial. He had to be physically removed, kicking and screaming, from his February 1st arraignment. Gomez has undergone two mental health evaluations, by two different doctors. On March 20th, there was a competency hearing. The two doctors presented opposite opinions to the court. Judge Jon Rolefson ordered a third competency hearing by a third doctor to break the tie. The next competency hearing is scheduled for May 1st.