Armed Kurdish Antifa group declares global war on capitalism

One of the many pictures of Kurdish fighters holding an Antifa flag. The yellow pennant is the flag of the YPG.

The ruling political party of Rojava, a majority Kurdish area of northern Syria, is the Democratic Union Party [PYD]. They are connected to the Kurdistan Worker’s Party [PKK] in Turkey. PYD supports socialism, social justice, and communalism. They are enemies with the Kurdistan Democratic Party [KDP], which is the ruling political party in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The PYD has shut down the offices of most rival Kurdish political parties in northern Syria and rules its territory as a one-party state. The US sponsored YPG is the military wing of the PYD. The PYD also operates a 15,000 member police force called the Asayish.

The Rojava Peshmerga are Syrian Kurds loyal to the KDP. They are currently in exile in Iraq. There is an ongoing military standoff between the Rojava Peshmerga and the PKK sponsored Sinjar Resistance Units [YBS] in northwestern Iraq. The YBS is primarily made up of Yazidi, who are related to the Kurds. The KDP fought a civil war with PKK-backed socialists in Iraqi Kurdistan in the 90s.

Antifa is a loose network of Marxist gangs in Europe and North America who advocate the use of violence to suppress the speech of conservatives. There have been a large number of high-profile Antifa mob attacks on Trump supporters over the past year. Despite their pro-violent stance, high-profile liberal foundations like the SPLC continue to publicly support Antifa.

Now there is a group of militants in Syria claiming to be the vanguard “of the revolution” in Rojava. They also vow to fight capitalism all over the world calling themselves the International Revolutionary People’s Guerilla Forces [IRPGF]. They prominently display the two most common Antifa flags in their video.

Some Antifa groups in Europe have alleged that they have members fighting in the YPG in Syria. Antifa flags have previously appeared in numerous photographs of Kurdish fighters in Syria. Rolling Stone magazine interviewed several “western leftists” that are fighting in the YPG.

There is a potentially explosive situation in Germany, where Antifa and Kurdish militant groups already work together. German Antifa gangs show up at conservative rallies with hundreds of people and commit violent assaults. However, the same Antifa groups openly admit they are afraid to confront the Turkish Grey Wolves, which is banned as a “terrorist group” in several countries. The German government classifies the Grey Wolves as the largest “right-wing” organization in Germany. The Germany government is currently playing favorites and cracking down on left-wing Kurdish groups to appease the Turkey. At the same time, the German government allows the Grey Wolves to hold massive rallies and marches.

If Rojava were to start exporting terrorists, which the IRPGF alludes too, Turkey would be the obvious number one target. The Grey Wolves in Germany would be a potential target as well. Especially since there are known to be Kurdish fighters in Iraq and Syria with German citizenship as it is.

However, the larger issue is the existing Antifa groups in Europe and North America idolizing armed Marxist militants in Syria. Also the fact that western, non-Kurdish, militants could return from the battlefield eager to bring “the revolution” home with them. Last weekend, Antifa members were part of an armed demonstration in Phoenix, Arizona. One of the groups involved, the John Brown Gun Club, already glorifies the Kurdish YPG.


Antifa in Germany. Right now their weapons of choice are clubs and pepper spray. What will they use in the future?