Masked Antifa assault Trump supporters in Vancouver, 8 arrested

Masked left-wing thugs threw smoke grenades and assaulted people at a pro-Trump event in Vancouver, Washington. It took place at the Esther Short Park.

Many of the perpetrators identified themselves as Antifa. A small group called themselves SHARP. While Antifa groups do not generally have formal members, SHARP is a patched gang within the Antifa movement. The name stands for “Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice.” They base their membership structure off of Motorcycle Clubs, but they usually do not have any motorcycles of their own.

Riot police moved in and arrested eight of the attackers:

Meaghan M. Summerbell, 22- Attempted Assault IV and Reckless Endangerment

Patrick C. Commons, 24 – Obstruction

Taylor J. Evans, 24- Disorderly Conduct

Elizabeth L. Battle, 19- Malicious Mischief III

Brittany E. Johnson, 24- Malicious Mischief III

Michah DC. Fletcher, 21 – Fireworks in a Park

Nicholas Nikas, 19- Disorderly Conduct

Arianne Curtis, 19- Disorderly Conduct