Are left-wing non-profits encouraging hate crime hoaxes?

A few weeks ago we listed 17 of the biggest hate crime hoaxes that many media outlets falsely claimed Trump supporters had committed. Since then, many more hoaxes have been busted.

Perhaps the biggest of all was the sophisticated death threats to Jewish institutions in the USA. For months, numerous non-profits, Democrat politicians, and media outlets relentlessly insisted that the perpetrators were “neo-Nazi” Trump supporters. The first person to get arrested was a black male with a history of far-left activism. He was immediately declared a “copycat,” and we were told that the real perp or perps would surely turn out to be “neo-Nazi” Trump supporters.

Then Israeli police arrested a father and son in Israel. They are both Jewish and the father works as a computer engineer. The mother of the family is also under investigation, and Israeli police say they have not ruled out a larger conspiracy. Police found bitcoin accounts with hundreds of thousands worth of bitcoins on computers at the home.

One of the most comical hoaxes just occurred a few days ago in Charlotte, NC. A black male tried to set an immigrant-owned convenience store on fire. He left a note explicitly claiming to be a white person and a Trump supporter. He was captured on surveillance camera committing the crime.

What is causing this nationwide epidemic of hate crime hoaxes designed to frame conservatives and Trump supporters?

Two high profile non-profit foundations are claiming to have a huge list of “hate incidents” that they say have occurred, in large part, because of Donald Trump. These are the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] and Pro-Publica. They are both soliciting reports of “hate incidents.” Notice they do not ask for “crimes,” but “incidents.” They claim to have amassed 1,374 reports of “hate incidents.” Various media outlets, in turn, hype this list as being something very substantial and something that Donald Trump is to blame for.

Does this list of 1,374 “hate incidents” amount to anything?

First of all, the actual list is a secret. You are not allowed to see it. You are just supposed to take their word for it that the incidents are substantial.

There is, however, serious evidence that the list of 1,374 “incidents’ does not amount to anything.

On February 21st, SPLC spokesman Mark Potok went on MSNBC and said the election of Donald Trump has caused “a massive uptick in hate crimes.” Then he cited an alleged incident on the New York City subway that had already been disproven as a hoax over two months earlier!

On the SPLC website, the number one “hate crime” they cite is the now debunked bomb threat hoax against Jewish Centers. The SPLC has not even bothered to update this and still cites a hoax as the lead example on their national website.

The second example posted on the SPLC website are far-right fliers posted at locations in two different cities. The fliers are perfectly legal. Similar fliers are being posted by left-wing groups all over the country as a hoax. A group called the “Diversity Leadership Council” confessed to posting similar fliers at Gustavus Adolphus College. Alleged anti-Muslim literature at the University of Oklahoma was the work of a Muslim professor.

The ProPublica website does even bother to list a single example of a “hate incident.” They simply plead with the media to continue reporting that they have collected alleged “hate incidents.”

Critics of the SPLC and ProPublica believe that the non-profits are actively encouraging people to make false or exaggerated claims. Or even to stage a hoax. Many media outlets also appear complicit. When someone stages a hate crime hoax, there are media outlets that will aggressively hype it and blame conservatives. When that person is caught, and the hoax gets busted, these same media outlets will do little or nothing to correct their mistake.

It is starting to seem that these left-wing foundations and some media outlets are essentially encouraging people to falsely report or stage hate crime hoaxes, so they can be blamed on Donald Trump supporters.

Do you believe some media outlets and left-wing foundations are actively encouraging members of the left to stage fake hate crimes so they can be blamed on Trump Supporters?

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