Elderly Jewish woman thrown from building by man yelling Allahu Akbar in Paris

More evidence that Paris is out of control. On April 3rd a 27-year-old Muslim stormed into the apartment of a 67-year-old Jewish woman. He stabbed the woman and hurled her to her death from a balcony. Witnesses say he was screaming “Allahu Akbar” while he did it. The actual ethnicity of the perp has not been disclosed.

The suspect lived with his parents one floor down. The victim’s name is Sarah Halimi and she was a doctor and a practicing Orthodox Jew. The Jewish community in Paris organized a march in her honor.

Nearly a thousand people attended the march, which was held outside the complex where she was killed. Numerous Muslims leaned out their windows and hurled insults. Soon bottles are other projectiles began flying back and forth.

This isn’t even the only unusual murder to occur in Paris this week. A tourist from New Hampshire was stabbed to death by a Gambian on April 6th. Cathleen Scherer McDonough was visiting her daughter in Paris when she was attacked and killed. The perp is being described as “homeless” and a “migrant.” He is probably an illegal alien.