President of Zionist Organization of America, says races have different talents

Chabad-Lubavitch Jews, with radio host Alex Jones, celebrating the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Mort Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America [ZOA], was attacked by Forward magazine for saying there are differences between the races. Klein told Forward magazine that Asians are the smartest, black people are the best dancers, and Jews are the best businessmen.

The controversy started with a hit piece on the Chabad-Lubavitch sect of Orthodox Jews. The media outlet accused the sect of being a go-between for Trump and Putin. Members of Chabad-Lubavitch generally vote Republican. The article is written by a Jewish man who supports the left. He refers to Chabad-Lubavitch as “Trump’s Kind of Jews.”

Politico quoted Mort Klein’s comments about Chabad-Lubavitch dancers at a wedding. Klein said “they were dancing up a storm, these guys. I thought they were black. Instead, they’re just black-hat.”

When a reporter for Forward Magazine confronted Klein, he responded “What are you, stupid? What are you, stupid? Each different peoples have different talents that everyone knows. And everyone knows that blacks are, on average, are better dancers than other people.” Klein went on to say that Asians are smartest and Jews are the best businessmen.

Notes: Forward Magazine is a far-left Jewish publication founded in 1897. The magazine’s New York office has a bust of Karl Marx in the lobby. Forward Magazine is hostile towards ZOA and calls it “right-wing.”