1,500 person refugee camp burns down during Kurd/Afghan turf war

Grande-Synthe is one of the so-called “jungle camps” around Calais and Dunkirk, France. These are sprawling slums that are supported by pro-refugee charities and activist groups. About 7,000 to 9,000 people are living in the makeshift slums around these two cities. Most are trying to get to Britain because the welfare benefits are more lucrative and they are more familiar with the English language.

Grande-Synthe was home to about 1,500 illegal aliens. The French charity Doctors Without Borders [MSF] built the camp last year in direct defiance of the French government.

The largest group living there were Kurds from Iraqi Kurdistan. Two days ago the entire camp burned down. French police say the fire was started intentionally during a huge battle between Afghans and Kurds. Six people were stabbed during the fighting. The recent arrival of a large group of Afghans seems to have triggered violence over the best sleeping quarters.

Fighting continued even after the camp was on fire. Some riot police were pelted with rocks when they tried to break up the fighting.

About 500 people are being housed in a local gymnasium. The other 1,000 have dispersed.

Last March, illegal aliens at Italy’s “Gran Ghetto” burned down their own camp. Two illegal aliens from Mali died in the blaze. In Germany and Sweden, there has been large-scale violence between immigrants from Turks and Kurds. This has included arson attacks and even bombings.

This is video of the Grand-Synthe camp from last November