Terrorists try to burn down office building housing Le Pen campaign hq

Last night a gasoline bomb was detonated inside a six-story office building that houses the Paris campaign headquarters of Marine Le Pen. The office building is located at 262 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. The perpetrators smashed windows of the ground floor and spray painted a left-wing slogan. Then they threw a fire bomb into the building.

Fire trucks arrived at 2:40 AM and quickly put the fire out. No one was inside the building at the time. Very little damage was caused. The ground floor houses an insurance office.

A group calling itself “Fighting Xenophobia” contacted the AFP and claimed responsibility. They also pledged more attacks.

Marine Le Pen says the current socialist president has allowed far-left groups to commit violent crimes with impunity. The first round of the French presidential election will take place on April 23rd.