Chattanooga gets a radical new city council member

Demetrus Coonrod is a franchise owner of a JanPro cleaning business and vice president of the Hamilton County, TN Democratic party.

She was just elected to the Chattanooga City Council from District 9. This is an extremely gerrymandered district that was designed to be majority black. She beat incumbent Yusuf Hakeem in a run-off election by 700 to 467. Earlier this month Hakeen described Coonrod as “unhinged, a pathological liar and crazy” during a radio interview.

She has a major criminal record. In the late 90s she racked up charges for child abuse, child neglect, assault, and theft. In 2001 she was arrested for passing bad checks. Finally, she was arrested, along with six other people, for a string of armed robberies. She pleaded guilty to participating in the armed robbery of a Popeye’s Chicken and a blood plasma center. She was sentenced to seven years in prison.

She was sent to a half-way house in 2010. She racked up a laundry list of violations. She was finally terminated from the program after screaming racial slurs at her case manager and stating “you are god damn right I’m racist.” She narrowly avoided being sent back to prison.

Her Facebook campaign website promotes the memoirs of Stanley Tookie Williams. He was a co-founder of the Crips street gang and was executed in 2005 for murdering four different people in 1979. His writings are promoted by the Black Power movement. Her person facebook page has subtle clues that she is a black militant. The black nationalist flag, opposition to gentrification, promotion of a black Marxist SNCC leader from the 60s.

Her voting rights were only restored last year. | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports