New York woman attacked and hurled onto subway tracks

Kimani “D-Nice” Stephenson

Update: Twenty-four-year-old Kimani Stephenson has been arrested and charged with attempted murder, assault, and sex abuse. On an old Facebook account, he calls himself “D-Nice.”

Bonnie Currie, a twenty-two-year-old white female, was attacked at New York subway station and hurled onto the tracks.

A black male walked up behind her and started groping her. Then he tossed her onto the tracks. She suffered a broken wrist and a torn ligament in her shoulder. The attacker never spoke a word. NYPD released a surveillance photo of the perp, who is still at large.

Currie is a waitress who went to theater school and hopes to become an actress. According to her Facebook page, the election of Donald Trump inspired her to get involved in social justice activism. She complained that “evil orange forces are swirling shit storms to rain down upon us.”

NYPD says that attacks on public transportation have surged. The number of reported attacks has increased each year for at least the past three years.

Just days ago a black male attacked a fifty-one-year-old white female on the subway and slashed her face. She needed forty stitches. Just days before that a group of black males attacked two unidentified male victims. One of the perps beat the victims with a hammer.

Attacks on public transportation have spiraled out of control in other cities as well. Philadelphia transit police say that mob violence is occurring almost daily.