Black Muslim kills three in racially motivated rampage in Fresno, CA

Update: Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says that Muhammad has confessed. Dyers says that Muhammad wanted to be known as a guy who killed a bunch of white people and not just a homeless man who killed a security guard. Dyer stated “this is solely based on race.”

Kori Ali Muhammad, 39, allegedly shot four random white males in Fresno, CA. Three of them died. A fifth white male was shot at. He is also suspected of shooting a black male security guard at the Fresno Motel 6 last Thursday.

Police say Muhammed posted anti-white messages on Facebook before the rampage. He also used terms from Nation of Islam [NOI] theology, referring to the “Asiatic Black Nation” and “grafted white devils.” He also references “Yakub” as the creator of white people. This is a figure exclusive to NOI theology and has never been part of any other version of Islam. Several spree shooters and serial killers have been members or followers of the Nation of Islam in the past.

Muhammad shouted “Allahu Akbar” while surrendering to police.

The police were already searching for Muhammad before the spree shooting. They say he is homeless and had a confrontation with two Motel 6 security guards. He is accused of shooting the first security guard and trying to shoot the second. He ran out of bullets before he hit the second guard.

Facebook Post praising spree shooter Micah Johnson, who was also a follower of Nation of Islam theology.