St. Louis double murder was most likely racially motivated

Clinton Willis

Update: The perpetrator has been identified as Clinton Willis, 51. The family of Willis floated the theory that he was upset over his utility bill. However, the utility company stated that his account was not under any threat of being disconnected. Willis has a serious criminal record, which includes convictions for drug trafficking, armed robbery, and assaults. He was in prison between 1997 and 2009.

The victims have been identified as Alex Boschert, 27, of St. Charles County and William Froelich, 52, of Jefferson County.

Original Article:

Two white utility workers were shot and killed in St. Louis today. The gunman is a black male who committed suicide afterward.

The police have not released the name of the victims or the perpetrator. However, everything we know so far strongly suggests the shooting was racially motivated.

The shooting occurred in a neighborhood between Page Street and Martin Luther King St. This is census tract 1061 and it is 97% black. It is surrounded by other census tracts that are 94-97% black. This entire area is overwhelmingly black.

The shooting directly mirrors the racially motivated shooting spree in Fresno, CA two days ago. Kori Muhammad started his spree killing by shooting a gas company employee who was out on the job. The victims in St. Louis worked for the local gas company Laclede Gas.

The gas company employees were responding to a call at the home of Manyik McCoy, a black female. She says the shooter ignored her, her two children, her nephew, and several neighbors who were walking around. Another black female says she walked right past the shooter before he opened fire.

Once the name of the perpetrator is released there may be even more evidence available. Besides the Fresno spree killing, the Hamilton County, OH prosecutor says a recent black on white murder in Cincinnati was racially motivated.