Notorious “White Privilege Conference” to convene in Kansas City this weekend

The 18th annual “White Privilege Conference” will be held in Kansas City, MO this weekend. “White Privilege” is the theory that white people are more successful than other races because white people hold everyone else back.

The conference begins April 27th and concludes April 30th. Registration costs $400 in advance or $450 at the door. Teachers and college students pay between $225 and $310.

It is held at the Downtown Marriott. Organizers allege that between 2,000 – 2,500 people will attend. Various colleges and public school district offer incentives for their employees to go. The University of Wisconsin is offering continuing education credits. Avila University of Kansas City is a sponsor and undoubtedly offering some kind of incentive for employees and students to go.

Keynote Speakers are:

Glenn Singleton, a black man who runs the Pacific Educational Group. He has become wealthy holding highly controversial tax-payer funded diversity training classes for Seattle public school teachers. Singleton blames the academic failure of black students on white teachers.

Michael Eric Dyson, a black male who is a is a professor of Sociology at Georgetown University. He is also a former radio host and an analyst for MSNBC. Last January Dyson said white people need to start “Individual Reparations Accounts” and give away money to black people “to atone for slavery and racism.”

Amer Ahmed, a Muslim immigrant and self-described “hip-hop activist.” He has held positions at various colleges as a diversity officer.

Hsiao-wen Lo, an Asian woman and clinical psychologist from Ann Arbor, MI.

Jacqueline Keeler, an American Indian woman who is a famous anti-mascot activist.

The names of the conference session are not posted online. During the 2014 White Privilege Conference, the session names were posted online by one of the sponsors.

1) Navigating Triggering Events
2) White on White: Communicating about Race and White Privilege Using Critical Humility
3) Orientation to White Privilege and Strengthening Cross Racial Skills
4) ”Y’all Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind!:” An Institute for People of Color
5) Our Bodies Know the Way: Using Cellular Wisdom to Dismatle Whitemess and Live in Deep Community
6) The Power of Polarities: Interrupting White Privilege and Building Sustainable Relationships
7) What’s a White Parent To Do: Talking White Privilege with our Kids, Understanding the Impact of Racism in Schools, and Advocating for Racial Justice
8) White Women: Internalized Sexism and White Superiority
9) Deepening our Relationships and Transforming Communities – Vulnerability and Shame as an Asset to Seeking Justice
10) Youth Action Project Institute for Middle School Students
11) Youth Action Project Institute for High School Students

1) Climate-Change-Mind-Set: Replacing White Liberalism with Racial Justice As Our Communities Organize in Response to Climate Change
2) Resisting the Internalized Trickster: No Limits to What We Can Do!
3) A Critical Dialogue – Poverty, Race and Education: What does this mean for Education Degree Programs in Institutions of Higher Learning?
4) Where are all the White People? Strategies for engaging white people in racial justice
5) Practical Solutions of How the Social Justice Activist & the Institution can develop Collaboration to Dismantle White Privilege
6) White Privilege in the Schoolhouse: Breaking Habits of Complicity in Maintaining White Dominance