YAF is spending $20 million a year to do what?

Most of you probably know that a conservative non-profit called Young Americans Foundation [YAF] planned to have Ann Coulter speak at UC Berkeley today. The University refused to provide a room or security for the event. Ann Coulter said on FOX News she was willing to just show up and speak in a public area or some private venue.

However, YAF threw in the towel and canceled the entire event. This angered many supporters who had already made travel plans to see Ann Coulter speak.

We thought it was prudent to examine what resources YAF actually has at their disposal.

From YAF’s 2015 IRS Form 990:

In 2015, YAF had an unusually successful year and raised $36.2 million. This amount is much higher than what they raised each year from 2011-2014. YAF began the year with $58.6 million in net assets and ended the year with $69 million. They spent $21.5 million. Of this, $8.1 million went to pay for conferences, lectures, speeches, training seminars, ect. Another $5.8 was spent on communications and mailings. Another $5.1 million was spent running, maintaining, and improving the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California.

From Charity Navigator:

In 2014, the group had net assets of over $53.3 million dollars at the beginning of the year. They raised $23.2 million, of which $1.7 million was investment income. The group spent $19.5 million.

Of the $19.5 million, $6.6 million was spent on fundraising. Another $1.8 million was spent on administrative expenses. $11.1 million was spent on program expenses.

In 2011, 2012, and 2013, YAF raised and spent similar, or slightly less amounts of money than they did in 2014.

YAF Salaries in 2015. Information obtained from 2015 IRS Form 990:

President Ron Robinson $674k Salary + $193k other compensation
Vice President Andrew Coffin $296k + $25k
Director of Communications Darla Anzalone $$267k + $28k
Director of Development Jason Barbour $248k + $47k
Vice President Nicole Hoplin $181k + $21k
Vice President Kimberly Begg $178k + $21k
NJC Director Kirby Wilbur $176k + $18k
Vice President Patrick Cyle $166k + $13k
Chief of Staff Jessica Jenson $122k + $6k