Twelve Antifa in court today for felony arraignments

Dane Powell

Update: The most serious suspect, Dane Powell, accepted a plea bargain. He will be sentenced on July 7th. He faces 1-3 years in Federal prison for assaulting a police officer. The other suspects demanded a jury trial, which will not begin in mid-March 2018.

On January 20th, 231 people were arrested for rioting Washington DC. A grand jury in the Superior Court of D.C. returned a superseding indictment yesterday that added new charges for twelve of those people. Those twelve have felony arraignments scheduled for today.

The new charges stem from destroying a limo and assaulting several police officers. One of the officers was knocked unconscious. Dane Powell is accused of hitting that officer in the back of the head with a rock.

In addition, three brand new people have been charged with felony rioting during the inauguration. These new people are Dylan Petrohilos, Kyle Wright and Matthew Hessler.

Scores of other Antifa have court hearings scheduled for June 23rd and June 27th. It appears that prosecutors are still pursuing charges against approximately 200 people for rioting on inauguration day.

Antifa suspects are arguing that police can’t be sure which person did what because they all wore black hoodies and masks. This is a tactic Antifa deploys all over Europe and North America to avoid being arrested or prosecuted. Prosecutors say this “black bloc” tactic makes everyone in the group guilty since they are all willing accomplices.

Each of these people are appearing in DC Superior Court today for a felony arraignment on nine counts:

Two counts each of felony rioting, five counts each of destruction of property $1000 or more, conspiracy, and assault on a police officer.

Olivia Alsip – 23, Chicago, IL

Mally Espaillat – 25, Chapell Hill, NC

Anthony Felice – 25, Wilmington, NC

Carlo, Piantini – 25, New York, NY

James M Hoopes – 30, Falls Church, VA

Gabriel W Mielke – 20, Washington DC

Spencer Kaaz – 21, Memphis, TN

These people face ten charges each. Everything above plus a sixth count of destruction of property $1000 or more

Jashua Barnak – 29, Wilmington, NC

Kimberly Cain – 24, Jacksonville, NC

These people face eight charges each. They are not facing the assault on a police officer charge:

Soan E Steffon – 24, IL

Colton Richardson – 26, Savanah, GA

This person faces 12 charges. Everything above plus three counts of assault on a police officer while armed:

Dane A Powell – 30, Largo, FL