We have documented 127 black on white killings in 2017 so far

According to the DOJ, blacks commit over half of all murders despite the fact that they make up about 13% of the US population. The media likes to downplay black murders with the narrative that blacks primarily only kill other blacks. This is just not true. About 9-10% of all murders committed in the USA are blacks killing non-blacks.

About 7% or less of black murder victims were killed by non-blacks in 2015. A very large majority of these perpetrators were Latino. The actual number of black murder victims killed by a white perpetrator is probably less than 1% of all black murder victims.

We are trying to document as many interracial murders, involving blacks and whites, as well possibly can. This way we can paint the most honest and accurate picture possible.

So far in 2017, we have found 127 cases of blacks killing whites, but only 4 cases of whites killing blacks. These are felony homicides and murders.

Two of the white on black killings were white women killing their black boyfriends. However, since the sample size is so small it is hard to draw any conclusions.

The largest trend in black on white murders is that a huge percentage are totally random. Since the media doesn’t like to investigate black on white murders, there are many that we don’t know if they were random or not. So it is hard to estimate just what percentage is random. Of the 127, five are murders we have discussed that were explicitly racially motivated. Another three strongly appear to have been racially motivated. However, dozens more are totally random. Racial hatred could have been the main factor in any of these.

The fact that such a high percentage of black on white killings are random also suggests that a high percentage of unsolved killings of white people were committed by blacks. In fact, there are many more white murder victims that we believe were killed by blacks, but there is no known perpetrator. These are random killings that occurred in heavily black areas.

Of the 127 black on white murder victims, 80 were male and 47 were female. Two were children and eight were 65 or older.

Of the 47 females, 18 were killed by boyfriends or husbands. Another six male and female victims were killed by the boyfriends of a female relative. A seventh victim was killed by the boyfriend of a roommate. Six of these seven victims were part of murder sprees, where the boyfriend killed the girlfriend and then killed others.

Here are the lists of victims. If you know of any other interracial killings, involving blacks and whites, please e-mail us.

Interracial killings involving blacks and whites in January of 2017

Interracial killings involving blacks and whites in February of 2017

Interracial killings involving blacks and whites in March of 2017

Interracial killings involving blacks and whites in April of 2017

Interracial killings involving black and whites in May of 2017