Pool party perp turns himself. NBC affiliate downplays attack.

UPDATE: The local NBC station censored the name of the perpetrator. However, the local ABC affiliate did publish his name. He is the person that was outed as the perp by the online forum /pol/.

Recently, Jesse Jackson demanded that Facebook suspend their Facebook Live video service and work out a plan to suppress videos depicting black crime. Yet, large numbers of criminals are only being prosecuted because videos of their crimes were posted online.

This case is a perfect example. A video of an older woman being attacked at a pool party went super viral online. The woman is seen walking up to an all black pool party and asking the DJs to turn down the music. She has two small dogs with her. A young black male brutally attacks her.

The video circulated wildly online over the weekend. Hundreds of thousands of people say it.

Yesterday, the internet forum known as “/pol/” claimed to have identified a man in Fort Lauderdale, FL as the perp. Later that evening Joseph Leon Balfour, 16, the same person outed by /pol/, turned himself in. Also, a second video was found online.

The victim has been identified as Nancy Jones. Balfour faces one count of battery on a person 65 years of age or older. Florida law calls for a three-year minimum sentence for those convicted of battery against the elderly.

However, the local NBC affiliate, WBBH Channel 2, is downplaying the attack. They say the perp only meant to throw the elderly victim in the water, “but slipped and fell.” WBBH stated that the assault was only meant to be a “harmless prank.”

Many are expressing outrage at WBBH and saying their coverage of the assault is a disgrace.