NYPD: Blacks & Latinos commit overwhelming majority of crime

The NYPD has published a twenty-five-page report titled Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City. It lists crime data by race for the year 2016. The report contains bombshell after bombshell after bombshell.

Let us start by looking at the racial makeup of NYC. Note that blacks make up 22% of the city and Hispanics make up 29.1%.

The data in the NYPD report is at complete odds with the popular narrative put forth by the media and the black grievance industry. We are often told that the reason so many blacks are in the criminal justice system is because they are being disproportionately targetted by police for minor crimes.

We can see that in NYC, the exact opposition is true. Take a look at misdemeanor criminal mischief. Black are by far the least likely of any race to be arrested when the commit an offense. Blacks made up 47.6% of suspects, but only 40.6% of the suspects arrested. For petite larceny, 51.1% of suspects were black, but only 43.7% of the people arrested were black.

Black suspects were substantially less likely than suspects of other races to be arrested for grand larceny and robbery as well. 

The same trend we see with minor crimes basically continues all the way up to murder. Blacks who committed murder in NYC were the least likely to be arrested.

91.4% of all murder suspects are black or Hispanic. Large percentages of white and Asian murder victims are killed by a member of another race.

Stop and frisk data further demonstrates that the NYC is not disproportionately targeting blacks. In fact, they are disproportionately targeting white and Asians.

53.3% of the people stopped by the NYPD under the “Stop and Frisk” initiative were black. 59.7% of the people who were targetted that turned out to be a suspect in a violent crime were black. Whites and Asians were over-targeted while blacks were under-targeted. Hispanics were targeted at a rate proportionate to the number that turned out to be a suspect.

There are several bombshells among the chart of Juvenile suspects. Two-thirds of all juvenile suspects are black even though blacks made up less than a quarter of the population. Whites were three times more likely to be a victim than a perpetrator. Asians were three and a half times more likely to be a victim than a perpetrator.

This suggests that black juveniles commit substantially more crimes against whites and Asians than whites and Asians do. The data shows that over 20% of all juvenile crime in NYC is committed by a black juvenile against a non-black victim.

84.7% of all rapes have a black or Hispanic suspect. The number of black perpetrators is far higher than the number of black victims.

There are almost two white rape victims for every one white perpetrator. This suggests that about half of all white rape victims were raped by a non-white.

Please view the NYPD’s report for yourself. There is a lot more information.