BBC releases online mini-series on Rochdale grooming scandal

For decades, Muslim gangs have targetted underage white Britain girls for “sex grooming.” They look for the most vulnerable girls. Many victims were in the custody of British children’s services while they were victimized. The girls are given presents and drugs and then gang-raped. Then they are pimped out, primarily to other Muslims. The overwhelming majority of the perpetrators have been Pakistani.

There have been huge scandals in Britain because law enforcement, school officials, and children’s service turned a blind eye. Everyone was in fear of being called “racist.”

Now, in shocking turn of events, BBC is releasing a three part mini-series based on a sex grooming gang in Rochdale. Nine Muslim men were convicted of raping girls. Eight were Pakistani and one was an Afghan. Police argued that the crimes were racially motivated. The Labour party denounced the police as “racist.” However, the Judge in the case more or less agreed with the police. The Judge said that the perps viewed white, non-Muslims as “worthless” and felt that their religion and culture allowed them to commit the crimes.

BBC is already being attacked for making the mini-series. The far-left says it will encourage “racism.” The same attitude that allowed the crimes to go on for so long in the first place. The creators of the show are adamant that the mini-series will not help those who are seeking to curb Muslim immigration into Britain.

You can watch all three episodes online at the BBC website with a program called iplayer.

The episodes are also on youtube in HD format. However, these look like pirate copies that will eventually be taken down.

We will post a full review of the mini-series later.