Police say daycare worker tortured baby to death on camera

Reese Bowman, an eight-month-old white baby, was killed at the Rocket Tiers Daycare in Baltimore, MD. Police say that Leah Waldon, a 23-year-old black female, was caught on camera intentionally killing the baby.

Waldon has been charged with 1st-degree murder. Col. Stanley Branford of the Baltimore City Police described the incident as “torture.” He says that Walden can be seen striking, bodyslamming, and swinging the baby by one arm. She also appears to be smothering the baby with blankets and pillows. Brandford says that Bowman keeps looking around to make sure no one else can see what she is doing.

The murder has been a leading story in Baltimore for several days, but no media outlets are showing a picture of the baby or disclosing that the baby is white. Compare this to the murder of a black college student by a white college student at the University of Maryland. The same media outlets begin their articles by stating the race the of the perpetrator and the victim. Then they aggressively speculate about a possible racial motive.

The staff at Rocket Tiers is all black, so most of the children are probably black. Local media have featured reactions from black people almost exclusively. However, the victim is definitely white.