Deadliest American mass killings of 2017 so far (Jan-May)

We looked at all multiple victim intentional murders. We define “deadliest” as having the most fatalities. In the case of a tie, the one with the most additional injured victims is considered the “deadliest.” We used the Gun Violence Archive as our main research tool to produce this list. If you think there are any mistakes or mass killings that should have made the list, please e-mail us.

During the first five months of 2017: (Key Findings)
White people were extremely under-represented among suspects.
Whites were greatly over-represented as victims compared to the number of white suspects.
Black people were extremely over-represented among suspects.

Among the top twelve deadliest: (There was an eight-way tie for fifth place). The suspects are seven black males, a black female, a white male, a Puerto Rican, an El Salvadoran, and a Hmong. The Puerto Rican has a Mulato appearance and the El Salvadoran has a Mestizo appearance.

Among the next twelve, we still only see one white suspect. The other eleven are nine blacks, a Pakistani, and a Latino. Once we expand the list all the way out to the top 39, we still only get eight white suspects total.

Despite the popular media narrative that “most mass shooters are white males,” we found the exact opposite to be true. White people were dramatically over-represented as victims compared to suspects.

Of the eight white suspects, every single fatality appears to be white. One of the perps reportedly injured a Latino. However, black and immigrant mass killers crossed racial lines often. Many black and immigrant killers targeted white people exclusively.

A Puerto Rican, a Hmong, and Arab all killed white victims exclusively. The Arab killer was at least partially motivated by racial/religious hatred. The Puerto Rican killer was infatuated with Islam and Jihadists. He was also probably insane.

Four of the black killers among the deadliest 39 killed white victims exclusively. At least one was explicitly motivated by racial hatred. Two killed white ex-girlfriends and then started killing other white relatives and/or friends in the same home. Another black male killed one white victim and two Asian victims. Several other black males killed both black and white victims together.

The two numbers in parenthesis are the number of fatalities and the number of injured victims.

(8, 0) May 27th, Lincoln County, MS. Willie Cory Godbolt, a black male, shot and killed eight people at three different locations. The victims include a white sheriff’s deputy, four black women, one adult black males, and two juvenile black males.



(7, 0) May 15th, Akron, OH. Stanley O. Ford, a 59-year-old black male, intentionally set a family home on fire. He killed a family of seven. The victims included a black male, a white female, and five Mulato children.



(5, 6) January 6th, Fort Lauderdale, FL. A Latino (Puerto Rican), who claimed online to have converted to Islam, shot 11 people at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Five died. All of the victims shown in the news were white. Many of them elderly.



(4, 1) March 15th, Metairie, LA. Two black males and an elderly black female were shot in the head execution-style. One white male was stabbed in the head. An unidentified female was shot in the face, but survived. The killings took place in two different apartments in a Metairie apartment complex. Police arrested and charged a black male who is a local cocaine dealer.


(4, 0) March 23rd, Sacramento, CA. A Latino male killed two adults and two juveniles. The victims are Latino and members of the same family. The perpetrator is a 56-year-old El Salvadoran.



(4, 0) March 30th, Chicago, IL. A black male shot and killed four black males at Nadia’s Fish & Chicken. Two of the victims were brothers and killed right in front of their mother. Chicago police say it was a gang-related retaliation. The suspect’s father was murdered one day earlier.



(4, 0) February 21st, Toomsuba, MS. A black male shot and killed four members of a black family. One of the victims was only five.



(4, 0) February 9th, Jackson, MS. A group of black males shot and killed four other black males. Three died right away and a fourth died a few days later. The shooting took place inside an apartment. Police say it was a home invasion. The victims shot back and killed two of the attackers. A third perpetrator (pictured) is in custody.


(4, 0) February 6th, Yazoo City, MS. A black male shot and killed four other black males. The shooting took place outside of a nightclub.



(4, 0) March 22nd, Wausau, WI. A Hmong gunman killed four white victims. One of the victims is a police officer.




(4, 0) April 7th, Houston, TX. A black female shot four members of her own family. She eventually committed suicide. This might be the deadliest mass killing by a single offender female perpetrator since 2006.



(4, 0) January 3rd, Hubbard, OR. A white male is believed to have killed his wife and three kids. It is believed that he set his house on fire and shot himself afterward.


— Top 12 —

(3, 2) January 12st, Kansas City, MO. Three black males invaded an apartment and shot five people. Three of them died. Two of the victims were white females. Her mixed race two-year-old son was shot five times and survived. The other victims have not been pictured in the media. Police have still not made any arrests.


(3, 1) April 18th, Fresno, CA. A black male went on a racially motivated spree shooting targeting white men. The same man is believed to have killed a black male security guard during an argument five days earlier. The perpetrator espoused Nation of Islam theology on Facebook and hated white people.


(3, 1) January 15th, Capulin, CO. A Latino shot four Latinos at a birthday party, killing three.




(3, 1) March 10th, New Orleans, LA. Four members of a black family were shot inside their home. A mother and two of her children died. A third child was injured but survived. The perp is a black male. No one has been arrested yet.

(3, 1) April 7th, St. Paul, MN. Two black brothers killed two sisters and their father. The victims are white. One of the female victims had been dating one of the perps. One of the perps committed suicide and the other was captured.



(3, 1) January 22nd, Atlanta, GA. One or more black males shot four blacks males, killing three. They were sitting in their car at a Checker’s drive-thru. No arrests.

(3, 1) January 4th, Fontana, CA. A Pakistani shot four members of his own family, killing three. It was allegedly over a financial dispute.



(3, 1) March 18th, Detroit, MI. A black male kicked open the door to a home and shot four members of the same family. They were sleeping when the attack started. There was a total of six family members in the house, and one returned fire and wounded the perp. Two males and a female were killed. Another female was injured. The victims are black.

(3, 1) April 3rd, Philadelphia, PA. Four black men shot in a drive-by while standing in front of a housing project. Police believe the perpetrators are black males. No arrests yet.

(3, 1) April 7th, Hickory, NC. Three killed, one injured while sitting in their car outside a bar. The shooter is a black male. The shooter also had a white accomplice who was charged with murder. The victims are a white male, an Asian male, and a girl who appears to be mixed race.


(3, 1) May 9th, Kansas City, KS. A white male shot and killed three white victims and wounded a Hispanic victim.



(3, 1) April 30th, Topeka, Kansas. A black male opened fire in a group home. His main target was his brother who was killed. He killed a total of three people and wounded a fourth. It looks like the other two fatalities are Latino males.



(3, 1) May 16th, Ruffin, SC. A black male shot four members of a white family. Two adults were killed. A thirteen year was killed. A nine-year-old girl was wounded. The perp may have also shot at a five-year-old. Police have charged a black male for the murders and a black female for being his getaway driver.

— Top 25 —


(3, 0) May 12th, Kirkersville, OH. A white male killed two women and a police officer.



(3, 0) March 31st, Canton, OH. Black male kills his white girlfriend, her white mother, and a white family friend. He committed suicide afterward.



(3, 0) February 5th, Jupiter, FL. A white male murdered three white victims. The perp was selling drugs and guns. There were one or two accomplices. Another white male has been charged as an accomplice.



(3, 0) April 24th, Savanah, GA. Three people were shot and killed inside a home. A black male has been arrested for the murders. The victims are two black males and a black female.



(3, 0) April 15th, Coal Creek Canyon, CO. A white male suspect shot and killed three white victims.




(3, 0) March 12th, North Topeka, KS. One, or more, white males killed three white victims inside a home.  A total of five white males has been arrested in connection with the killings.


(3, 0) May 10th, Yell County, AR. A white male killed a white police officer and two white females. The two female victims were related to his ex-girlfriend.



(3, 0) March 23rd, Los Angeles, CA. Two black males shot and killed three people in a liquor store parking lot. The victims are black males.

(3, 0) February 7th, Morris, Oklahoma. A white male shot three members of his family and then committed suicide.

— Top 34 —

(2, 4) March 27th, Sanford, FL. A black male shot his ex-girlfriend, her two small boys, and her father. Then he went outside and opened fire on random pedestrians, hitting two more people. The ex-girlfriend and one of her boys died. The ex-girlfriend and her family members are black. It is unknown what race the other two victims were.

(2, 4) March 26th, Harris County, TX. A black male shot six people with a rifle. Two died. It took place in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

(2, 4) April 2nd, Chicago, IL. Multiple black males got out of a car and opened fire on a group of black male victims.

(2, 3) February 25th, Warren, OH. An Arab man shot five people, killing two. A third female victim is seriously debilitated. The victims are white.


(2, 3) January 26th, Albany, GA. A black male shot five people, killing two. One of the survivors may be paralyzed for life. The victims are black. One is related to the gunman.

— Top 39 —


Obvious, the raw data paints a vastly different picture than what is commonly portrayed in the entertainment industry, the media, and by left-wing foundations. Just take a look at these outrageous headlines from major media outlets.

Blacks commit spree shootings in extreme disproportion to their share of the population. It may be true that white and Asian spree killers have a higher average number of fatalities.

The only time that blacks drop off the list is when you look at spree shootings, with very high death tolls, over a long period of time.

NPR recently published this list of the twelve deadliest spree killings occurring over a seventy year period. Only one perp is black. However, only six are white. Two are Asians, one Korean and one Vietnamese. One is an Afghan, one is a Palestinian, and one was a Pakistani husband and wife team. So even looking at the deadliest shootings over a seventy year period, white people are still under-represented compared to their percentage of the population.

If you think we have made any mistakes, please e-mail us.

Bonus: (Starting in May we stopped listing new killing sprees with two fatalities and two injured)

(2, 2) April 21st, Palm Bay, FL. A black male shot four people in front of a home. Two of them died.

(2, 2) January 21st, Memphis, TN. A carload of black males shot four black males during a drive-by shooting. Two died.

(2, 2) January 12th, Salinas, CA. Four Latino males were shot. Two of them died. One or more Latino men from a rival gang are believed to be responsible.

(2, 2) January 6th, Pasadena, CA. Black males opened fire at a memorial vigil for a member of a rival gang. They killed two black males and wounded a black male and a black female. The Pasadena police chief said witnesses immediately refused to cooperate.

(2, 2) March 10th, Chicago, IL. A black male opened the door to a gas station and sprayed the inside with bullets. He shot four black males, killing two.

(2, 2) March 26th, Cleveland, OH. Drive by shooting by black males. Four shot, two died.

Note: The following Chicago shooting has been reported as three victim fatalities in many media articles. However, as best we can tell one of those fatalities was the co-perp and one of the victims shot him in self-defense. This shooting is not included in the twenty deadliest.

(2, 1) February 15th, Chicago, IL. Two black males shot three people in a Chicago apartment. Two Latinos were killed. A third unidentified person was wounded. The victims managed to fire back killing one of the perps and injuring the other. Chicago police say the black males went to the apartment to steal their marijuana.