Police Killings in 2017 so far (Jan – May)

Nineteen officers have been intentionally killed in the line of duty.* The suspects include 7 blacks, 6 whites, 3 Latinos, 2 American Indians, and 1 Asian.

Two corrections officers have been killed. One by black suspects, and one by a white suspect.

Four officers have been killed chasing fleeing suspects.  The suspects were two blacks, one white, and one Latino.

Note: According to the Washinton Post, 48% of suspects shot and killed by police in 2017 have been white. Only 29% have been black. Among police intentionally killed by suspects, 37% of the suspects are black and 32% are white.

* Border Patrol agent Isaac Morales was not actually on-duty but identified himself as a Border Patrol Agent in an attempt to defuse a situation. He appears to have been targetted because he was in law enforcement.

Note: Click here for a full analysis of police shootings from 2016.

Police Officers Intentionally Killed:

Lieutenant Debra Clayton (Black Female)
Orlando Police Department, FL, January 9, 2017, Shot by a black male

Detective Jerry Ronald Walker (White Male)
Little Elm Police Department, TX, January 17, 2017, Shot by a Latino male

Deputy Sheriff Colt Eugene Allery (American Indian Male)
Rolette County Sheriff’s Office, ND, January 18, 2017, Shot by an American Indian male

Police Officer Michael D. Louviere (White Male)
Westwego Police Department, LA, January 20, 2017, Shot by a black male

Police Officer Keith Boyer (White Male)
Whittier Police Department, CA, February 20, 2017, Shot by Latino male who also wounded a second officer

Police Officer Houston James Largo (American Indian Male)
Navajo Division of Public Safety, NM, March 12, 2017, Shot by an American Indian male

Sergeant Shawn T. Anderson (White Male)
East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, LA, March 18, 2017, Shot by a black male

Detective Jason T. Weiland (White Male)
Everest Metropolitan Police Department, WI, March 22, 2017, Shot by Asian (Hmong) male

Police Officer Justin Terney (White Male)
Tecumseh Police Department, OK, March 27, 2017, Shot by a white male
Cause of Death: Gunfire

Assistant Chief Deputy Clinton Greenwood (White Male)
Harris County Constable’s Office – Precinct 3, TX, April 3, 2017, Shot by a white male

Deputy Sheriff David Wade (White Male)
Logan County Sheriff’s Office, OK, April 18, 2017, shot by a white male

Corporal Stephen J. Ballard (Black Male)
Delaware State Police, DE, April 26, 2017, Shot by a black male

Deputy Sheriff Mark Burbridge (White Male)
Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office, IA, May 1, 2017, Shot by a black male

Lieutenant Kevin Mainhart (White Male)
Yell County Sheriff’s Department, AR, May 11, 2017, Shot by a white male

Chief of Police Steven Eric DiSario (White Male)
Kirkersville Police Department, OH, May 12, 2017, Shot by a white male

Deputy Sheriff Mason Moore (White Male)
Broadwater County Sheriff’s Office, MT, May 16, 2017, Shot by a white male

Border Patrol Agent Isaac Morales (Latino Male)
United States Department of Homeland Security, El Paso, Texas, May 20, 2017, Stabbed by a Latino male

Deputy Sheriff William Durr (White Male)
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, MS, May 27, 2017, Shot by a black male

Special Agent Michael T. Walter (White Male)
Virginia State Police, VA, May 27, 2017, Shot by a black male

Corrections Officer:

Steven Floyd (Black Male)
Delaware Department of Correction, Delaware, Thursday, February 2, 2017, Beaten to death by black males

Sergeant Meggan Lee Callahan (White Female)
North Carolina Dept of Public Safety – Div of Prisons, NC, Wednesday, April 26, 2017, Beaten to death by a white male

Police officers killed while pursuing a fleeing suspect:

Deputy First Class Norman Lewis (Black Male)
Orange County Sheriff’s Office, FL, January 9, 2017, Died while pursuing a black male suspect

Officer Lucas F. Chellew (White Male)
California Highway Patrol, CA, Wednesday, February 22, 2017, Died while pursuing a Latino male suspect

Police Officer Nicholas Rodman (White Male)
Louisville Metro Police Department, KY, Wednesday, March 29, 2017, Died while pursuing black male suspect

Lieutenant Aaron Lloyd Crook (White Male)
Bluefield Police Department, WV, May 30, 2017, Died while pursuing white male suspect

Note: There has been one big anomaly so far this year. Two of the murdered officers were American Indians that were killed by American Indian suspects. This means that so far for 2017, American Indians are over-represented in cop killings to an extreme degree. As the data set grows, we should see American Indians become a smaller percentage.