St. Louis has two big shooting sprees in three days

Victims of the June 1st shooting. The youngest girl was not hit.

It is only the third day of June and St. Louis has already had two spree shootings this month.

On June 1st four were shot and killed while they sat in a car. The youngest victim is only seven years old. A five-year-old was also in the car but did not get hit. All of the victims are black.

Derrick Irving, 27;  Jessica Garth, 24; Deniya “Nunie” Irving, 7; unnamed male victim.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch blamed the quadruple murder on a lack of police officers and a lack of tax revenue to pay police officers higher salaries. Currently, St. Louis has 1,200 police officers and the starting salary is $42,000 a year.

Currently, there is no suspect in the shooting. The shooting took place in census tract 1074, which is 96% black.

Today there was a second spree shooting in St. Louis that occurred very close to the one on June 1st. It occured around 1:00 AM. Few details have been released other than the fact that three are dead and one is seriously injured.

It occurred in census tract 1065, which is 95% black.