Second BLM leader from Greenville, SC arrested in two days

What are the odds that the two biggest Black Lives Matter leaders in the “upstate” region of South Carolina would both be arrested over a two-day period? The second one literally being arrested after attended the bond hearing for the first one?

This is not a hoax. This is a thing that really happened.

Black Lives Matter leader Bruce Wilson was arrested yesterday and charged with kidnapping, domestic violence, and child neglect. Today he was released on a $50k bond. Derrick Lamar Quarles, another leader of the Black Lives Matter movement, attended Wilson’s bond hearing. After the hearing, Wilson was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Wilson had been ordered to appear in court on April 4th for obtaining a signature under false pretense. He never showed up in court and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.

Derrick Lamar Quarles also has a jury trial scheduled to start on June 29th. He faces three counts of creating a public nuisance for standing in Interstate 385 and blocking traffic in July of 2016.