Our list of black on white felony homicides in 2017 has exceeded 200

We are trying to document as many 2017 interracial felony homicides involving blacks and whites as we can. This is an issue that is wildly distorted, misrepresented, and obfuscated by the media. We want to create the most comprehensive and honest picture possible. The DOJ report on 2015 murders shows that blacks made up 13% of the US population but committed at least half, and probably well over half of all murders in the USA. Black on non-black murders accounted for approximately one in ten murders. Meanwhile, well over 90% of black victims are murdered by a black perpetrator and a large majority of the remainder are killed by Latino perpetrators.

So far we have only found six white on black killings. We invite you to look for more. Send us an e-mail if you find any. Three of these were black males killed by white males. All three were national news stories, where the media explicitly listed the races involved and aggressively speculated about racial motives. In two of those, the authorities have stated that they were not racially motivated. The third suspect allegedly confessed to having a racial motive but then plead innocent and claimed self-defense at his arraignment.

What is interesting is the other three cases we found were all white females who were charged with murdering their black boyfriends. In each of these cases, they were tiny local blips. Why didn’t the media hype these? Probably because when a woman kills her boyfriend or husband, people tend to automatically jump to the conclusion that the male must have done something really bad. Also, the media like to portray black male/white female relationships as glamorous and trendy. A white female killing her black boyfriend doesn’t fit any popular media narratives. Except for maybe this one.

Our list of black on white felony killings for 2017 has already exceeded 200. In fact, we already have eight for the month of June. There are another forty or so murders with no suspect that we are tracking with Google News Alerts. We believe most of these will turn out to be black on white if suspects are ever charged. Several of these murders were explicitly racially motivated. Scores of others were totally random. Any one of these random murders could have been racially motivated. However, the media doesn’t exactly investigate possible racial motives when the suspect is black and the victim is white.

Three unborn babies were also killed along with their mothers. These were not included in the official totals.

We have 42 black on white felony homicides for the month of May. We also have a seven-day gap in the middle of the month with none. I suspect that our list of May killings will continue to get much higher.

One of the most shocking things is the number of black on white double and triple murders. We have documented seven black on white double murders and four black on white triple murders. We have also documented three black on white double felony negligent homicides.

Why do we include felony negligent homicides, and not just 1st and 2nd-degree murders? The DOJ has published reports in the past that show black people commit felony negligent homicides as well as misdemeanor non-negligent homicides in vast disproportion to their percentage of the population. Also, if you look at the felony negligent homicides we have listed, they are all pretty atrocious. Many of the suspects already had serious criminal records but kept getting slapped on the wrist and let go. Calling them felony negligent homicide is the correct legal term but understates how criminal the killings actually were.

Another reason we use the term felony homicides is that some cases are murder, but the perpetrator gets wrist slapped with a felony negligent homicide charge. The most heinous example of this we have seen in 2017 so far is the murder of Ashley Fricke by a black woman.

Interracial felony homicides involving blacks and whites:

Interracial killings involving blacks and whites in January of 2017

Interracial killings involving blacks and whites in February of 2017

Interracial killings involving blacks and whites in March of 2017

Interracial killings involving blacks and whites in April of 2017

Interracial killings involving blacks and whites in May of 2017

Interracial killings involving blacks and whites in June of 2017

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  1. Heartbreaking to see this, and worse it the media cover-up.

    To keep up with black-on-White murders, assaults, home invasion robberies and more, go to New Nation News:


  2. You might find this video series interesting. Race in America: Black & White. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL1bTKdEtpl63q7nC9U0RvA/videos . In particular, the review of black criminal history through time. Blacks committing murder more than anyone else is nothing new although sites like yours are required reading because the truth is being suppressed. Keep up the good work smile

  3. jeangray07 | June 12, 2017 at 4:43 pm |

    What you are doing, keeping these lists and sharing them, is important. Very important. Thank you, and keep up the great work.

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