Finnish ruling coalition breaks up after nationalists take over 2nd largest party

The ruling coalition of Finland has broken up after nationalists swept the leadership of Finland’s second largest political party.

The Finns party was part of the ruling coalition with two centrist parties. Together they held 124 out of 200 seats.

Over the weekend, Jussi Halla-aho was elected Chairman of The Finns party. He is a current member of the European Parliament who was fined for “hate speech” in 2012. The multiple vice chairmen spots were all filled with nationalists as well. All of the newly elected leaders are considered hardliners on immigration.

The two centrist parties immediately began virtue signaling about how the The Finns party no longer shares their values. They are officially breaking up the ruling coalition. They are expected to replace The Finns party with two other minor parties. This would give the new ruling coalition only 101 out of 200 seats. This imagined new ruling coalition is already being called “unusually weak” and pundits are predicting it will have a very hard time passing legislation.

The Finns would become the largest opposition party and have the potential to be a “kingmaker.” The new leadership says that any party wanting their support must make concessions on immigration. The media is alleging that the breakup is a failure on the part of the new leadership of The Finns party. In reality, it is probably going to make them more popular than ever.

Note: The Finns party used to be called True Finns.

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  1. Kyra Nelson | June 13, 2017 at 12:48 am |

    I get a fashion/sewing magazine produced entirely in Finland & I can tell you they are The Whitest People on the planet. They look like Albinos without the red eyes.

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