Good Samaritan was beaten and robbed by men he was helping

When a white Arizona man encountered three black males, allegedly broken down on the side of the road, he offered them food, water, and even a place to stay. He met the trio inside auto parts store. After spending the night at his house, they choked him, tied him up, and ransacked his home. Then they loaded everything of value, including firearms, into his car and drove off.

Police have arrested Raheem Jamal Lemieux, 20, Richard Lemieux, 21, and Tyrus Talbot, 21. It took place in Apache Junction, AZ.

Channel 3 says it is “bizarre” that the man was attacked and robbed. Was it really that bizarre? Or could this outcome have been predicted?

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  1. That’s one really stupid White guy who has learned a valuable lesson, is all I can say. I don’t feel sorry for stupid people. He’s just like some idiot who sticks his fool head into an alligator’s yawning maw.

  2. The fool is lucky to have survived.

    Another one with Amy Biehl syndrome (attacked and robbed/beaten/murdered by those you think you are helping).

  3. Jimmy Flounderello | June 17, 2017 at 3:46 pm |


  4. I guess he hasn’t been around enough wonderful vibrancy. I now think he understands that helping wild animals is not a good idea.

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