BLM attacks officers while trying to disrupt Columbus gay pride parade

Marxists call this “the revolution within the revolution.” At Evergreen, the radical left-wing students are waging a campaign of harassment against their left-wing professors. Last weekend scores of leftists, including Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and Socialist Alternative disrupted an annual gay pride parade in Washington DC.

Today, Black Lives Matter attempted to disrupt the annual Stonewall Gay Pride Parade in Columbus, Ohio.

The Columbus police say they received a tip that people were preparing to block part of the parade route. When police arrived on bicycles they encountered members of Black Lives Matter blocking the road with their arms linked. They were ordered to clear the road. Instead, the crowd fought with police while hysterically screaming “black lives matter.” Police officers were forced to use mace.

Police say that four officers were injured, including one who was taken to the hospital with an ACL injury. One of the perps tried to take a gun from a female officer. He has been charged with aggravated robbery.

The other three have been given charges that include resisting arrest while causing harm to a police officer, failure to comply, and disorderly conduct that hinders movement. The people arrested are three black males and a black female. The local Columbus, Ohio Black Lives Matter group is calling them the “BlackPride4.”

After the parade, a group of, mostly white, leftists showed up at the Franklin County jail to protest the arrests.

Some local media outlets completely censored who was behind the attack on police. They simply reported that a group of people blocked the road and then fought with police.



3 Comments on “BLM attacks officers while trying to disrupt Columbus gay pride parade”

  1. This is Obamas doing, when Ferguson was looted and torched, Obama instructed Eric Holder to try to suppress the damning Michael Brown tape and call the events “justifiable protest”.

  2. MadameMidlifeCrisis | June 18, 2017 at 7:55 pm |

    I’m starting to hope police departments across the country use armored vehicles & call in the National Guard to use their armored vehicles & tanks to plow over these dolts! Every day there are attacks by “their own people” upon each other & other races/colors/creeds & they relish the violence!!! All BLM has done is caused more hate & hostility while cashing in from $oro$ & dullards who think if they shovel money into their coffers, they can avoid manufactured rage.

  3. D-Kwashawn’te | July 6, 2017 at 11:15 pm |

    Black Lives Matter?

    Then why do blacks hold the distinction of the highest rate of all same-race murder among all race groups?

    And why do blacks have the highest rate in the US of all abortions?
    Black women make up a third of all abortions in the US and abort nearly 2,000 of their unborn fetuses every single day and yet chant ” Black Lives Matter” in the streets.

    It’s also no small surprise that blacks are also the number one perpetrators of all inter-racial homicide.

    Just look at the “Knockout Game”.
    90% of all victims are white
    98% of all perpetrators are black

    If blacks don’t value any life, including their own, why would anybody else value their lives?

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