Three black suspects in hate crime murder of East Indian in SC

On March 2nd, Harnish Patel, an immigrant from India, was found shot to death in Lancaster, SC. He owned a local convenience store. Lancaster, South Carolina is about half white and half black.

Several “mainstream” media outlets aggressively speculated that the killer would turn out to be a white Trump support and that it was a “hate crime.” (Examples: Washington Post, Charleston P&C)

“Mainstream” media outlets ignored the fact that most murders in Lancaster, SC are committed by blacks. They also ignored the fact that black on East Indian murder is common.

Now, police have arrested three black male suspects. None have been charged with murder yet, but they have been charged with conspiracy “to smash an Indian.” Police say the suspects referred to the victim as “the Indian,” and specifically planned to target East Indians.

Tradell Blair, 23, and LaJames Arteian Ross, 22, have been charged with conspiracy. Richard Stewart, 42, has been charged with conspiracy and accessory to armed robbery before the fact.  Stewart allegedly provided intel and ammunition to the other two suspects.

Now the media is in an embarrassing situation. A murder they hyped as a potential racially motivated” white on East Indian murder was actually a racially motivated black on East Indian murder.

However, I don’t expect any murder outlets to apologize for demonizing white Trump supporters. They will just pretend like it never happened and move on.

Another black male was arrested for stabbing an East Indian shopkeeper in Florida last April. The perp confessed to police and he wanted to “kill an Arab.”

Tensions have been mounting between blacks and immigrant business owners for years. In Charleston, SC an official spokesman for Al Sharpton’s National Action Network called on Arab shopkeepers to leave America. The spokesman said foreign business owners “rape our community.”