Pedestrian randomly stabbed to death in Seattle

Andrew Pimentel, a twenty-six-year-old white male, was stabbed to death early Friday morning in Seatle, WA. He left Ozzie’s, a karaoke bar, with a group of friends. They walked to Dick’s Drive-In. While standing on the sidewalk, a black male ran towards him and plunged a knife into his chest.

The murder was witnessed by numerous people. They say it was completely unprovoked. Police arrested thirty-eight-year-old Leon Caril II. One female witness was so overcome with grief that she had to be hospitalized.

The murder is just a minor local news story in Seattle.

Caril was also arrested just days earlier for attacking his roommate. He was charged with 4th-degree assault on June 16th and released the next day. Caril has convictions for assault, robbery, and drugs.

Compare this coverage to other recent stabbings that have received massive national media attention and tens of thousands of politically and/or racially charged tweets of outrage. Why is Pimentel, who was an off-duty police officer, not worthy of the media’s outrage?

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  1. I’m not shocked. Theres plenty of racial tension between blacks and everyone else in seattle. It’s no secret the Asians want blax priceed-out city limits.

  2. lol BoBo, it is incredible how blax ALWAYS find SOMEone to blame, no matter what. In every case of a black person doing something wrong, it’s someone else’s fault, guaranteed

  3. The white male was also a cop

  4. Anonymous | June 25, 2017 at 2:40 am |

    Andrew was my husbands closest work friends. I met him on numerous occasions and he was by far the most sweetest, caring man. From my understanding, he jumped in front of another friend of ours as he charged him as and risked his life for him. My husband was going to go out with them and he decided to stay home. Our hearts are breaking for his girlfriend and family and friends. I hope the judge who released this son of a bitch knows what they caused. This murder should be stabbed himself. He should of never been on the streets!

  5. Problem is if you look at history, this is typical for black. They cannot be 100% civilized. Maybe a bit but never fully intergrate to the West.

  6. I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew a year ago in Missouri at his girlfriends Army graduation – she and my daughter were roommates. The world has lost a fine young man and many lives have been permanently altered. Rest In Peace Andrew and please send your loved ones strength from where you are, to go on without you. Until you all meet again.

  7. KeepsItReal | June 27, 2017 at 8:23 am |

    Are you kidding? Imagine if a White man ran up and stabbed a black for no reason, it would be national news for 3-7 days and everyone in America would know about it. But since this guys White who gives a crap. Wake up to reality if your leftist brainwashed mind can handle facts/stats/reality?

  8. What police department did Andrew Pimentel work for? I keep seeing this reference to him being a police officer but also to him being a Casino security guard.

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