ANC leaders debate confiscating white assets without compensation

A heated six-day ANC Policy Conference ended today. The ANC appears fully committed to a program of “radical economic transformation” that will include the redistribution of white-owned assets to blacks. South African President Jacob Zuma railed against “white monopoly capital,” which he called “the primary adversary of the collective interests of our people.”

There was a huge controversy over how whites should be compensated for expropriated assets. The younger members tend to support zero compensation. Older members tend to support some compensation.  A white ANC MP, former Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom, was shouted down by members of the ANC Youth League. Hanekom is a leading ANC opponent of confiscation without compensation. The Youth League packed the audience during his speech and screamed insults. The speech descended into a shouting match.

The Youth League issued a statement warning the ANC’s “old guard” that membership will be liquidated if they don’t return to the historical mission of the ANC. They characterized white monopoly capital as “the enemy of the revolution.” They also want Derek Hanekom to be disciplined.

Zuma told the crowd “We agree that using the fiscus for land redistribution must be accompanied by other measures if we are to achieve the goal at the required pace.” He followed with “where it is necessary and unavoidable this might include expropriation without compensation.” The current plan from the ANC’s economic transformation team calls for compelling all mining companies to be at least 30% black owned. The conference also discussed the possibility of nationalizing the South African Reserve Bank.

Zuma was also under attack for his relationship with the Gupta family. This is an Indian family, who’s members are among the wealthiest people in South Africa. Gupta-owned companies allegedly diverted $3.3 million of public funds to pay for a super lavish wedding. The Zuma administration is accused of covering it up.

The ANC fears losing more ground to the new Economic Freedom Fighters [EFF]. This is a party is run by Julius Malema, the former president of the ANC Youth League. It was founded in 2013 and its supporters are disproportionately young and male. The EFF’s subscribes to Sankarism, after the former Communist dictator of Burkina Faso Thomas Sankara. The EFF openly calls for the confiscation of white assets without compensation.

Critics of Malema say he is pushing the country towards civil war.

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  1. Don Shilling | July 5, 2017 at 10:59 pm |

    That’s normal! It’s just what those thieving Black Bastards are good at!

  2. Why would ANY white person still be living in that shit hole? President Trump Please bring these white refugees to America! They will bring low crime, be productive and actually the Republicans have a good shot at importing a base that will actually vote for them!

    • Please lobby your local Sanctuary State traitors/politicians. Start a petition. Draw attention to the issue. We could really use the White South Africans here. Hopefully they will breed in captivity, unlike our own American Whites.

    • tresmegistus | July 9, 2017 at 3:37 pm |

      no! it is time for the blood river spirit. south Africans cannot allow the anc this free hand. time to rise up and make a stand

  3. Pawneebill1947 | July 6, 2017 at 1:30 pm |

    EVERY WHERE they have gained “freedom” they have destroyed. Name ON successful country! That hacked Haitian and Jamaican plantation owners and other whites to death after they were “freed”. Now look at them. In the USA they trash entire sections of cities and make them no go zones. We were not intended to live together.

  4. Petulia Clarke | July 6, 2017 at 2:33 pm |

    The world will stand by while the evil men slaughter a million innocent people because of the color of their skin……………………

  5. I wish the wankers who run this website would tell the whole truth. I am a white, English speaking South African, 70 yeas of age, A DA supporter and what is reported here is so lopsided as to make me cringe.
    I would rather live here than in amerika – even if they gave me a green card and 10 million dollars.
    Has this website ever made any reference to black-on-black violence? No – and it is far, far worse that black on white violence.

    • So you say you live in South Africa and black people there are extremely violent? White people should just accept extreme levels of black on white violence because blacks do even worse to each other? That is is your argument?

    • JoeSixpack | July 9, 2017 at 6:05 pm |

      You need to take your pills, is it Alzheimer or just senility..?

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  7. Blacks in SA have been doing this (and MUCH MUCH MUCH worse) since the end of Apartheid! Nothing new here…

  8. Do your research, whites never stole from them. Whites were in South Africa first and built that country. They did not even see black people for something like 70 years. They started to let blacks in to work, they should have kept them out.

  9. JoeSixpack | July 9, 2017 at 5:59 pm |

    Here’s the solution, all negro in the US goes to South Africa with their brothers and sisters and all white South African come and live into the US..

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