Fleeing suspect kills pedestrian, injures five others

Scott Waldrup

Early this morning, there was a shooting in Savanah. Three males were injured with gunshots. A police officer was parked near the shooting and responded immediately. The suspects fled in a white SUV. Jerry Chambers, Jr, a 17-year-old black male, was allegedly driving the SUV.

The SUV slammed into a crowd of pedestrians on Martin Luther King Blvd.  Scott Waldrup, a thirty-year-old white male, was killed. He was general manager of a downtown restaurant called The Grey. Five other pedestrians were injured. The scene looks like a terrorist attack.

Two other males who were inside the white SUV also died.

Jerry Chambers, Jr. was charged with shooting a 63-year-old woman during a robbery one year ago. Savanah police say the shooting this morning was gang related.

It is not uncommon for fleeing suspects to kill people. A sixteen-year-old fleeing carjacker killed a nine-year-old in St. Louis last April.

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