“Teen” mob violence terrorizing Kansas City

Two major acts of black mob violence are being reported in Kansas City. They both occurred around the 4th of July. Watch how the media only describes the perpetrators as “teens” and “kids.” This is a re-occurring pattern across America to deny and downplay black mob violence.

Worlds of Fun is an amusement park in Kansas City that cost $41 per person per day. Their 4th of July fireworks display was one of the many displays around the country that were marred by black mob violence.

In another part of Kansas City, a female UBER woman stopped her car down because “kids” were setting off fireworks in the street. Instead of getting out of the way, they surrounded her car, beat her, pulled her out into the street, ordered her passengers out at gunpoint, and drove away in her car. Four out of five suspects have been apprehended. The media censored the race of the perpetrators. However, the attack took place in census tract 7802, which is listed as 93% black.

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  1. It’s BEEN common knowledge for some time that articles about crime ALWAYS include descriptions of the perp is white. ANY other race-but specifically Middle Eastern and black-are NEVER mentioned. Even when they need help locating an escaped suspect! They’ll offer ZERO description and then say “if you have information, please contact…” It’s asinine.

  2. Blacks just when you thought they could not get any dumber they get even dumber. This is your equality for you. Trillions of dollars spent the past 50 years on them every opportunity and they do nothing with it. Always need whitey’s help with EVERYTHING! No they are not equal they are not intelligent enough period.

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