Black “Israelite” arrested for trying to torch Cincinnati Police Headquarters

Police say a black male attempted to burn down the Cincinnati Police Department’s District 1 headquarters yesterday. Martay Simpson, 26, has been arrested.

He is being charged with two counts of aggravated arson and vandalism. He allegedly placed a can of gasoline against the building and lit it on fire. Dozens of people, including senior staff, where in the building at the time.

The suspect has two Facebook accounts, Martay Simpson and Martay PraiseYahveh Simpson. The first Facebook account has very little material, but the second one has a large amount of racially charged posts and black nationalist memes. The suspect also refers to God using “Yahveh,” which suggests he subscribes to the “Black Israelite” ideology. Sometimes referred to as “Black Hebrew Israelites.” This is a black supremacist re-write of Judaism. Simpson also captioned a picture of himself and a little black girl as “Israelites.”

Simpson is subscribed to multiple Facebook groups that promote the Black Israelite ideology. He also subscribed to two groups promoting the notorious black supremacist leader “King Noble.” In the past, King Noble has advocated race war and attacks on police.

Simpson has multiple posts about arson, including a poem called “Burn This City.” He also claims his own house burned down in February of 2016.

The local media in Cincinnati is not doing anything to investigate who Simpson is or what his motive could have been.

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