Killer gets free pass for beating his tutor to death in front of witnesses

Prosecutor Vegina Hawkins alleges that there is not enough evidence for a trial.

From Broward County, Florida comes one of the most unbelievable tales of a killer going unpunished.

In January of 2012, David Grant, then 49, agreed to meet Joni Donley, then 28, at a Dunkin Donuts. Grant was a white math tutor and Donley was a black college student. The purpose of the meeting was to prepare Donley for a calculus test.

Later that night, Donley savagely killed Grant in front of multiple people. According to witnesses, Grant was walking away when Donley attacked him. Donley put Grant in a bear hug, knocked him down, kicked him in the neck, jumped on him, and strangled him. 

Witnesses wrote down Donley’s license plate. Police arrested him shortly after with Grant’s blood on his shirt. After he was placed in an interrogation room, he confessed to killing Grant “for nothing” on video.

However, his defense attorney hatched a plan. He claimed Grant provoked Donley by calling him a racial slur. Then Grant, who was 380 pounds, died from clogged arteries.

The prosecution originally decided they would let Donley off easy and only pursue manslaughter charges. Then they waited over five years. Broward County Assistant State Attorney Vegina Trimetric Hawkins, who is black, now claims that the state no longer has a case. She says one of the witnesses was a student from Saudi Arabia. He is back in Saudi Arabia and Hawkins says the former prosecutor mishandled his deposition.

The case was previously handled by Alberto Ribas Jr., who became a circuit judge last year. He refused to comment. State Attorney Michael Satz has refused to meet with the family.

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  1. So the prosecuting lawyer’s name is “Vegina Trimetric”? That explains everything…

  2. El Krapitan | July 10, 2017 at 7:29 pm |

    Even if he did use a racial slur… So? Why would that even be considered a valid defense?

    • Rabbi Shekelburg | July 10, 2017 at 8:49 pm |

      Because in post modernism, using that word is the second most heinous crime there is, second only to saying anything negative about the jews. We live in a world now where condemning terrorists on twitter is prosecuted more agressively than actual terrorism itself.

    • Because in post America, that is the only excuse the Gibs need..

  3. This attorney is really incompetent (or a total racist), she keeps releasing violent thugs…

  4. Not enough evidence for a trial? Now let us reverse the races and ask the same thing? As usual the pandering to the black mob never ends. Broward county is basically northern scum living in Florida. Not even a damn manslaughter charge? Suddenly the affirmative action ADA is not interested in the case? The family needs to NEVER stop protesting and to sue everyone involved as well as get the case back in the court system! Suddenly “Satz” will not meet with the white family but would be meeting every jewish and black victim!

  5. so these monkeys react violently from a word and they say they are just like us. Right.

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