Antifa perp only gets four months for knocking cop unconscious

Dane Powell

Of the 200+ Antifa/Marxists arrested for rioting during Trump’s inauguration, a few have accepted plea deals. Most of those got 50 hours of community service and a fine.

The most serious offender to be sentenced is Dane Powell, who knocked a police officer unconscious with a rock.

Powel agreed to plead guilty to felony rioting and assault on a police officer. He faced six years but was only given four months and a fine. He will have three years supervised release.

Devin E Bartolomed also pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer. He also pleaded guilty to misdemeanor rioting, destruction of property, and resisting arrest. He was given fifty hours of community service, a fine, and two years probation.

Nearly 200 jury trials have been scheduled for the rest.

The arrests do seem to have put a damper on Antifa activity in Washington DC.  Two weekends ago there was a rally at the Lincoln Memorial featuring the “Alt-Right.” Antifa was a no show. In fact, Antifa’s tried to hold a rally in front of the DC police station at the same. Virtually no one showed up, despite the fact that two of Antifa’s most high profile America leaders were present.

Note: Information comes from public records on the DC Superior Court website.