Identitarian movement purchases ocean-going vessel to stop illegal aliens

Generation Identitaire Flag

Identitarian Flag

After having six different bank accounts canceled, Generation Identitaire has persevered. They have now secured a used ocean-going vessel capable of spending up to thirty days at sea at a time. The ship is called the C Star and left Djibouti for the Mediterranean two days ago. Some of the money is being raised on the American crowdfunding site WeSearcher.

They will work with the Italian and Lybian Coast Guards to stop Far-Left NGO’s from trafficking illegal aliens to Europe.

Identitarian leader Martin Sellner, of Austria, explains to Lauren Southern how it will work. Sellner also has his own English language youtube channel.

2 Comments on “Identitarian movement purchases ocean-going vessel to stop illegal aliens”

  1. George Soros won’t like this!

  2. How soon the European wimps will send their warships to stop this activity while supporting the “humanitarian” activities of the people smugglers and their enablers, as they are currently doing with their taxi services.

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