Small town in Texas has first murder in its history

Anna, Texas just had the first murder in the town’s 134-year history.

Anna was platted in 1883. The town incorporated and elected its first mayor in 1913. Today it has about 10.6k people. The population is about 69% non-Hispanic white and 8% black.

Corey Lamar, a 25-year-old white male, was shot and killed in Anna Friday evening. It has now been revealed that police arrested a suspect Saturday evening. Ruben Christopher Jenkins, a 20-year-old black male, is being charged with murder.

Police say that Jenkins fired six to seven shots into a house where Lamar was renting a room. One bullet went through a window and hit Lamar. The victim is from Kansas and his family is struggling to pay to transport his body and hold a funeral.

The murder highlights the reality of interracial crime. The vast majority of felony homicides involving whites and blacks have a black suspect and white victim. Many media outlets, tv shows, and movies only hype white on black killings. The same media outlets will downplay black crime by saying “it’s mostly black on black.” The reality is that black on non-black murders constitutes 9-10% of all murders in the USA.

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  1. Mo blacks, Mo crime. Anyone who does not realize this is genetic and Spiritual has no idea what is going on. How many trillions have been thrown at blacks with horrible results? Now the state of Illinois is literally destroying itself due to it being forced by a judge to pay for non whites to take up space in the Chicago public schools. Billions of dollars for what? The only good thing about this story is it happened in Texas so maybe Sir Gibs Me dat will be executed. The true horror is there is no end in sight. Boy, the slave owners really screwed us big.

    • Former Liberal | July 17, 2017 at 6:52 am |

      Wasn’t just the slave owners. Look who bought them here. When my stepfather was alive, he used to say: “bringing them [blacks] over here was the biggest mistake this country ever made.” He was right.

  2. In our generation, our biggest mistake will be bringing in the refugees, Every 5-10 year old boy will be seeking revenge upon us when they reach their 20’s due to America killing their family members.

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