500+ riot and attack police in Philly. Cops stand down.

Sunday evening, about five hundred young blacks rioted in Philadelphia. They blocked the streets, climbed on police cars, and threw glass bottles at the police. Police commanders ordered a stand down and zero arrests were made. Several small businesses were closed because the rioters were running inside of them.

The perps were mostly between the ages of 12 and 17. The riot started out as a youth cookout at the Ronnie Young Recreational Center in the East Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia. When things initially got out of hand, police asked people to leave. Then a riot started. Social media was used to encourage more people to rush to the area and join in.

The local media downplayed the violence. The Philadelphia CBS station called it a “flash mob” by “rowdy teens.” The local ABC station called it “a melee” by “unruly teens.” Philadelphia is one of the most notorious places in the country for black mob violence.

Note: East Germantown is a famous early example of “white flight.” After WWII, Philadelphia picked the area to build housing projects for blacks. Home values plummeted overnight and a majority of all white residents left in just a two year period between 54 and 56. Today, East Germantown is over 90% black. It is one of Philadelphia’s most dangerous neighborhoods.

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  1. Mosin Nagant | July 19, 2017 at 11:45 am |

    When Frank Rizzo would have squashed all of them like mosquitos.

  2. Fence in the facility like a jail, so they can be easily locked in place next time.

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